Automated File-Based Inventory Stock Update in NetSuite

Client Portfolio

An authorized online dealer of over 300 manufactures which have customers including government agencies, Universities, headquartered in New York has approached Jobin & Jismi to automate inventory stock update based on the file attached. Their company ranks among the top internet retailers, and they sell their products to a wide range of customers, including 500 fortune companies and weekend warriors. Their product line encompasses various categories such as electrical and lighting, metal fabrication, oilfield equipment, automotive maintenance, hoisting and rigging, and more. 

Problem Statement

Our client needs to update the stock of active items in NetSuite that are live on their website. So, they are looking to have an automated process in place that would update the inventory on the active items that they have live on their website daily.  

This requires developing an automated process that can retrieve the stock levels from NetSuite and update them on the website. The process also needs to be reliable and efficient, as any errors or delays in updating the stock levels can lead to issues such as overselling, backorders, or dissatisfied customers. 

What We Suggested

To automate the stock update process for our client’s active items in NetSuite, our experts analyzed the requirement in detail. After evaluating the existing systems and processes, they devised a solution to automate the stock update process based on the data provided in a file. This file contains the information required to update the inventory levels of the active items, such as the item ID and the new stock quantity. 

The automation process is designed to run daily, which means that the inventory levels on the website are updated regularly without any manual intervention. The automation process also includes error handling and validation checks to ensure that the inventory levels are updated accurately and without any issues. 

To keep the client informed about the status of the automation process, an email is sent to the specified user in case of any issues that arise during the stock update process. This allows the client to take prompt action and ensure that the inventory levels on the website are up to date. With this automation process in place, our client can save time and effort in updating their inventory levels while ensuring that their website accurately reflects the availability of their products. 

Customer Success

The Automation of inventory stock update enabled the business to save time and extra effort to update the stock quantity manually. By this automation they enjoyed more benefits that includes: 

Previously, they needed to update the stock of inventory items manually and was a complicated process. Now, they only need to check whether the file is available in the mentioned location for the stock update. 

Since the stock update are from different vendors and by different file transfer, it was hard to process them simultaneously. By this, multiple files from different vendors are processed as scheduled. 

Through email plugin, the file received are automatically transferred to desired folder and replaces with already updated ones. 

Since, there is a backup folder to store the processed files, user can check the information regarding the stock update at any time.