3 Jun, 2020

NetSuite Customer Center Role: A Step to Fit the Best

Are you enthusiastic about B2B? Looking for advanced functions to enhance your business? Still, trying your luck on various online platforms? Do you really want to have a drastic change in your business? If your answer is “yes” for all the above questions, then here is something which is going to excite you. NetSuite customer center is the one which is going to help you.

Become successful at B2B eCommerce trade takes more effort than a B2C model because attractive themes or designs don’t much count here. You need to create a website to engage more effectively and efficiently with other customer-centric businesses. You can achieve this by enhancing your customer engagement feasibilities. For instance, by minimizing the buying efforts of customers. In this context, the NetSuite customer center role offers self-service management to the customers and optimizes all your business processes in an organized way. 

NetSuite is one of the best cloud ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions that a business organization can benefit from. It comprises functions within a unified platform. 

Customer center  role

The customer center is one of the efficient tools NetSuite offers to justify some of the important aspects, especially in the eCommerce setting. And it creates an environment authorized to support independent customer actions. The customer center gives the following benefits to the customers including the capacity to open support tickets, viewing quotes and so on in one way. On the other hand, customers can make payments, edit and place orders, make amendments in the account details, etc. In short, customers can directly do these activities by themselves. Customer center can flexibly work with multiple countries, currencies, or subsidiaries. A customer center is a productive tool for businesses. It saves time and effort on a monotonous and time-consuming work. Apart from offering 24*7 self-service support to customers, the customer center role can be customized as per the business needs and requirements.

NetSuite offers three editions of customer center role, including the Premium edition providing all the functionality offered in the Standard edition plus additional advanced features for an enhanced B2B experience.

NetSuite Customer center role can be customized in 3 ways

Role permission: Role permissions of the customer center role can be changed flexibly depending on the needs, but new permissions cannot be added.

Portlets, Links, and Tab: They can be edited on a need basis.

Forms: Forms can be edited and saved with different sub-tabs and functions. It can be used to control user access levels for certain tasks.

 3 types of customer center role

If a company has a NetSuite hosted website, the customers can log in to the same. There are mainly 3 customer center roles.


The standard customer center is available for any user with NetSuite hosted website. The facility is available by following the general navigation in NetSuite. The standard feature can be customized. The customer center can be kept as a separate link in the home page UI. If the company has a website not hosted by NetSuite, this facility can be used in that.


This offers advanced facilities. It is available with separate payment or with SuiteCommerce advanced purchases. It is not available for the site builder. The premium customer center is similar to that of the standard feature but with more capabilities and functionalities for development and enhancements. Some of these enhancements include item lists, quote request scriptable and customizable carts, and so on. It is meant to overcome the limitations of the site builder. The premium customer center role is more or less durable and customizable. This advanced facility gives more thrust to the B2B process.

Advanced  customer center role

Advanced customer center roles can be accessed through the purchase of SuiteCommerce advanced. This has an additional facility to build store location along with other standard features and benefits. This facility is flexible for customization and integration with other systems. For instance, the store locator is to take a customer’s listed information and return stores within fixed proximity, for instance, 20 miles. The store locator feature incorporates Google Maps. Only advanced customer centers can do the mapping of store locations. Customers can engage effectively with your business because of the bundle of customer self-serving options. This opens a new era of communication possibilities for your business as the customers are flexible enough to submit queries, support issues, and transactions, and so on by themselves without any assistance. It enlarges the scope of customer satisfaction.

Exceptional features of NetSuite customer center role

Customer profile management: It helps customers to edit, add, and manage their profile information at their convenience.

Support: Customers can receive support from the website owners by posting certain queries through it.

Credit card management: It allows customers to save and manage their credit card details.

Order history: It provides details about the previous orders.

Product Returns: It helps in online return authorization of products.

Case management: Answerable to all the submitted queries by the customers and improving customer relationship and satisfaction.

Wish/item lists: It creates a list of items and categorizes them.

Billing: All the transaction process can be automated.

Quotes: Quote creation and management can be done.

NetSuite customer center Key Benefits

The range of benefits available in a NetSuite customer center role is large.

  • It creates a highly personalized customer experience through an interactive webspace. Customers can engage in self-service by logging into the site and accessing their personalized and relevant information and make necessary changes as per their need.
  • Customers get high security as it is protected by a password.
  • They also have access to key customer support tools such as the Net answer knowledge base. With the facility, customers can place and view their orders at any time.
  • Mapping of the store location is possible.
  • Customers can update their profile information and check and view their status.
  • It will also issue automatic receipt confirmation upon the service request with a case number.
  •  Customers may view their orders, check their order status, and place new orders round the clock.
  • Customers can easily check their past transactions and get a detailed view of it.
  • The customer center is flexible for customization.
  • It is a powerful tool to enhance the scope of B2B.
  • It provides automatic receipt confirmation for a service request with a case number.
  • Customer center roles can be integrated into other systems and still the users can make this available.

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