8 Apr, 2022

Sneak Peek: NetSuite OpenAir 2022 Release 1

Organizations are seeking new methods to enhance their operations to deliver their projects within the required time and budget for greater profits.

The enhancements offered in the ‘NetSuite OpenAir 2022 Release 1’ help businesses confront these challenges. This assists the project managers and delivery groups to improve their focus and output through regulating project bookings while enhancing project and resource accessibility schedules. Through enhanced NetSuite and Business Intelligence Connectors, the release boosts the satisfaction of the user and distributes extensive reporting.

Improved User Experience 

From April to June, restructured user experience in OpenAir 2022 Release 1 will be available. The latest design upgrades the amount of space available on the display and adjusts ably to small screens for better usability and work productivity. The main changes are the following: 

• Better Navigation : For easier interactions and quicker clickthrough, the user center, navigation menus and the create, tips and resource compensation buttons are restructured. 

• Working with lists and records : Users are able to view more details in both list views and record headers. Also, it gains better control of ‘in-record navigation’ and appropriate project filtering, so that they can rapidly access the data they require.

• Enriched assistance : The new appearance of the OpenAir Help Center offers convenient and approachable help resources. The Help center includes searchable assistance, guiding videos and release notes.

Rapid Business Intelligence

The tools NetSuite Connector and the Business Intelligence Connector provide rapid and effortless integration with OpenAir. Progressed inquiry options and a Scripting explorer ease the integration of either the OpenAir and third-party data in select business intelligence tools or OpenAir and NetSuite data. 

The NetSuite OpenAir Connector helps in exporting accurate details one requires and streamlines workflows to get over the project reporting challenges. The other improvements in the NetSuite Connector are: 

Rapid integration through the ‘Use Direct Filters’ option. 

Easier creation of filters using a filter builder that is available for every workflow.  

More precise project updates and task updates associate NetSuite and OpenAir data with progressed mapping options. 

NetSuite OpenAir Business Intelligence Connector helps in retrieving the exact details one requires while obtaining the published OpenAir report data from the chosen business intelligence tools or in the OpenAir user scripts. Various enhancements in the OpenAir Business Intelligence Connector include: 

The select and query option enables one to specify the columns one requires in reporting.  

More progressed evaluation through the capacity to filter rows to suit your search basis.

The new OData explorer aids in transferring published report data into the scripts. 

Enhanced Project Center 

There are other features in NetSuite that assist project managers to operate faster and more effectively. Users can increase their productivity through modifying project plans and staffing, as well as predicting future problems with the project schedule and resource availability straight from the project center. In this release, users can modify their project plans through,

Moving the fill handle to copy the value of a booking hour to neighbouring cells.

Copy and paste booking hours in the project center booking worksheet.

Monitor the booked resource availability each week as it changes.

Show alert indicators on excess use of resources each week and bookings that are out of schedule.

Copy bookings through the creation and adding of bookings to project templates.

OpenAir Mobile 

The release also enhances the OpenAir mobile 4.3 module. Users are now able to work effectively with expenses, thanks to new features that will be added to expense reports in the near future, that help reporting to be faster and more convenient. Other improvements are: 

Using the share function on the device one can include attachments directly from other apps.

Move or clone receipts effortlessly from one expense to another.

Generate numerous expense reports through cloning prevailing reports.

Dark display mode to decrease the eye strain and for greater visibility.

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