Enabling Marketing Email Customization for Non-NetSuite Customers


One of our clients, an Australian wholesale business had a requirement to send marketing emails to non-NetSuite customers. 


Our client had a requirement for sending marketing emails to non-NetSuite customers. They required us to find a solution for sending emails to non-NetSuite customers as they had storage issues and did not want to create lead/prospect/customer records in NetSuite.  


Our experts fulfilled their requirements through a Custom record and a CSV file. The CSV file contains the email id of the customers in the first column and the promotion list of the three brands in the further columns, under which the status of the subscription is getting updated. We are giving customers an option to unsubscribe from emails. They also have the flexibility to opt-out from individual brand promotions or all brands’ promotions together.  

A marketing email is sent to the subscribed customers by collecting the details from the CSV file on the specified date in the custom record. At the bottom of the page, the customer will see an option to unsubscribe.  

The users will also have the option to select the email template and content to send to the customers. Clicking on the button in the mail, the customer gets navigated to a new page named ‘Handle Unsubscription’. Here the customer can check the subscription in order to make it unsubscribed. This gets updated in the CSV file attached to the custom record. Moreover, prior to the running of the script for sending promotional emails to customers, the older file gets stored in the backup CSV file. Hence, the client can identify the customers who are unsubscribed.  


Some of the challenges we confronted were, that the script will not work as expected if the CSV file is not formatted properly in the CSV and if there is an error in the column’s header value or misalignment in the column values. Another challenge is that while running the scheduled script, if the user updates the CSV file with a new user email address, it will not be reflected in the email addresses selected for sending the promotion. The duplication of the same email address in the CSV file is also not handled; that is, the promotions may be sent repeatedly to the same customers.     


Our developers met the requirements successfully. Now, the marketing emails are sent to the subscribed customers on the specified date automatically according to the promotion and template design selected by the NetSuite user.    

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