18 Aug, 2020

NetSuite ERP for Retail Management

Running a successful business requires complete dedication and faultless efforts. However, a perfect mix of technology, machines, and materials are also important to accomplish the maximum benefits. Adopting an efficient ERP solution can add an extra flavor to your business far better than it still is now. So, the question of the day is which is the best ERP solution that perfectly suits your business? The answer is simple. Don’t go for an ERP solution that matches your Business. Adopt an ERP solution that can be tailored to fit your business needs. 

If you're running a retail industry, you will need the cutting edge technologies to chisel the business process. NetSuite is such an ERP solution that helps you to churn out the business process in an effective way.

NetSuite and Retail Industry

NetSuite is the #1 ERP solution that expresses great strength in dealing with businesses running across in the retail industry. 

NetSuite offers a single integrated solution for the successful management of the operations in the retail industry. It extends a unified system that transforms the in-store experience and delivers a true omnichannel shopping experience with a modern POS solution. Therefore, this can empower sales, deliver efficient inventory management, get effective customer engagement with improved sales and shopping experience to the customers. 

NetSuite ERP digitilizes all the activities running inside a business, therefore businesses can experience increased accountability and improved business performance by bridging down the gap between various channels and can meet customer expectations very easily. 

Retailers can easily manage and empower the business with NetSuite key metrics. Retailers can benefit from the following: they can make evident-based decisions promptly with dashboard analytics which includes inventory and sales reports,  expenses reports, marketing campaigns, and ROI.

The system generates statistics that can be considered as key performance indicators (KPIs).  

It also generates results on a real-time basis including graphical reports, trend graphs, and snapshots which helps in predicting and facilitates better decision making processes.


NetSuite being World's powerful cloud-based ERP solution provides a unified platform to attain business growth and development.

NetSuite offers a single, integrated, and effective operating solution for managing the retail business.
Provides a comprehensive and complete view of customers concerning all channels and various touchpoints.
Realtime Support and assistance in multiple locations, channels, and brands from a unified platform.
Mobile-ready POS with Fully featured output.
Offers Powerful eCommerce capabilities.
Centralized management of all pricing and promotions.
Real-time inventory visibility across all channels.
Cross-channel management and fulfillment of orders.
Competent tools for marketing.
Effortless customizations to fit the specific retail management requirements.
A lower cost and decreased whirl than on-premise retail systems.
Marketing tools to target and segment offers.

Top 7 Benefits of NetSuite Retail Management

NetSuite is known for providing the most efficient functions which are capable of running a business in the retail industry. With NetSuite, the retailers can avail following benefits in precision.

1. Unified View Towards Your Business

With NetSuite, retailers can expect a cross channel flow of information and experience for a better understanding of the business. NetSuite assures the businesses real-time visibility across all channels including sales, inventory, and customers. This facilitates a more enhanced decision-making process.

2. Compelling Marketing Campaigns and Promotions

NetSuite has the capabilities to run and promote compelling marketing campaigns and promotional activities. This can help the businesses to find more customers, extend sales reach within a limited period. NetSuite executes effective promotional campaigns on multiple discounting options. It has other aligned features including volume pricing and customer-centric discounts. NetSuite offers capabilities to perform highly targeted, personalized email campaigns with efficient management of paid and online search as well as its affiliate marketing.

3. Optimized Order Management

Retailers can easily meet customer expectations with NetSuite order management. It facilitates the following acts of operations which include buying and fulfilling. Retailers can experience a single inventory view across all channels and the supply chain. Retailers can also enjoy the benefits of omnichannel fulfillment. This will help to boost profitability and optimize inventory.

4. Attractive Online Commerce with All Devices Accessibility

With the NetSuite SuiteCommerce platform, it is possible to deliver a personalized and engaging online customer experience with any device such as desktop, smartphones, and tablets.

5. Customer engagement 

NetSuite retail management provides effective customer management features. 

Users will be able to get a 360-degree view of the customer. NetSuite ERP  possesses tools to personalize customer service experience for their past purchase history, brand preferences, reorders, and sales patterns. NetSuite has Facilities to extend  24/7 customer service support via support centers, upon the online submission of queries.

6. Uninterrupted Cross-Channel Functionality

NetSuite Support cross-channel processes such as purchasing online/pickup in-store, online/return to the store, and order in-store/fulfill. All these processes can be accessed anywhere in the globe. As it is a  unified platform, NetSuite can bridge the gap across channels and provide higher end-consumer satisfaction.

7. Transformed In-Store Experience

NetSuite transfers the in-store experience along with a modern POS solution. This creates a unifying and more enhanced shopping experience for customers both physical as well as digital means. It provides complete inventory details and customer information, thus increases sales. With this, businesses can have effective customer engagement. It is proven to drive more sales and a more satisfying experience for customers.

Unique Features of NetSuite ERP Retail Management

The following are some of the unique features of NetSuite ERP for the retail industry.

A single platform to run business Store i.e Web, Mobile, Call Center
Dynamic merchandising
Visibility across the entire business
A single customer view across all channels
Online Commerce
Powerful search
Optimized web stores for smartphones, tablets, and desktops
Multi-site and multi-country support through a single account
Management of self-service account
Single platform for B2B and B2C web stores
Multiple payment options
Guided navigation
Optimized business operations
Business Intelligence


If allowed, NetSuite can make wonders in your business. 

NetSuite is having the capability to accelerate business and leverage growth potential. It empowers the retail industry to meet customer expectations with end-to-end retail software solutions. It converges the following features in a single platform. The features include marketing,  financials, business intelligence, eCommerce, CRM, inventory, order management, and POS.

With NetSuite, retailers can enjoy engaging customer experiences, enhanced sales, and improved customer satisfaction across multiple channels and touchpoints.

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