Discover the Key to Making Sales Order File Management Smarter


Client Portfolio

Jobin & Jismi was approached by a renowned manufacturer of pressure tanks and water treatment products with the objective of automating the creation of sales order-related folders and files in OneDrive whenever a sales order is generated in NetSuite. 

To streamline their sales processes and improve collaboration, the manufacturer sought to integrate NetSuite with OneDrive, a popular cloud storage platform. 

This manufacturer offers a diverse range of pressure vessels that can be used in heating, thermal, pressure boosting, water hammer, reverse osmosis, and water well systems. Their products are distributed in 100 countries across Central and South America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and Asia. 


Our client had a large number of files in their file cabinet and lacked sufficient storage. To compound the issue, they had manually created folders and organized documents using document numbers, leading to numerous user errors when attempting to upload these files manually. Recognizing the need to reduce errors and enhance their file management process, they sought our assistance in finding a solution to integrate NetSuite with OneDrive.

The impact of this problem on their business operations was significant. With the file cabinet reaching its capacity, the overall system’s performance was adversely affected. Consequently, they had no choice but to resort to uploading files to an external storage solution, which further complicated their workflow.

Our Solution

At Jobin & Jismi, we conducted a thorough analysis of the client’s requirements and devised a highly effective solution to address their integration issue. To tackle this challenge, we developed a custom user interface (UI) that facilitates seamless display and retrieval of files between OneDrive and NetSuite. This custom UI empowers us to fetch files from OneDrive and upload files from NetSuite to OneDrive with ease. 

In addition, we implemented a unique folder creation mechanism in NetSuite, which automatically associates folders with Sales Order document numbers. Consequently, when files are directly uploaded to NetSuite’s file cabinet, they can be conveniently viewed by retrieving them from OneDrive. Similarly, if there is a need to display the uploaded files again, we can efficiently fetch them from NetSuite and present them accordingly. This two-way NetSuite OneDrive integration (integration between NetSuite and OneDrive) streamlines the file management process, enhancing productivity and collaboration for our client. 

By adopting this solution, the client no longer needs to upload data to their file cabinet, as their files are now accessible through a unified external storage system – OneDrive. 

One of the standout features of our solution lies in the innovative use of OneDrive’s Microsoft Graph API. This integration sets our solution apart from others and distinguishes it as a unique contribution to the NetSuite ecosystem. 

In the high-level integration process, we skillfully utilized Vue.js, NetSuite SuiteScript, Microsoft Graph API, and HTML to ensure smooth and seamless file management. 

During the course of this integration journey, our team encountered certain challenges. Specifically, meeting the client’s expectation of setting folder-level or file-level permissions via the Microsoft API for NetSuite OneDrive integration. However, we tackled this hurdle by devising an ingenious solution – for handling permission configurations. By assigning specific access to employees within their respective subsidiary folders, we ensured that data was only visible to those with authorized access. This setup enabled us to effectively manage file visibility and maintain data security. 

Customer Success

Employing an ideal business strategy and fostering valuable client relationships are essential for driving more business and boosting revenue. By effectively managing both aspects, an organization can achieve success. Thanks to Jobin & Jismi’s prudent involvement and seamless NetSuite Integration, the client is now reaping multiple benefits. 

With our solution in place, the client can seamlessly upload and retrieve data without any reliance on the file cabinet’s assistance, thanks to the efficient NetSuite Integration. This has had a positive impact on their business in the following ways: 

Reduction of manual errors and time-saving: Our streamlined integration has significantly reduced manual errors, leading to greater efficiency and timesaving for the client.

Optimized utilization of the file cabinet’s size: By leveraging our custom UI and integration process, the client can now make the most out of their file cabinet’s storage capacity.

With the limited storage capacity of the file cabinet, they would have faced additional costs. However, our integration with OneDrive has provided them with 100 times more storage capacity at a lower cost compared to what NetSuite offers. 

Way Forward 

Our integrated solution has not only conquered the client’s initial obstacles but has also significantly improved their business operations. This accomplishment sets the stage for ongoing success and expansion in the future.  

Jobin & Jismi is dedicated to ensuring the integrated solution’s long-term success and effectiveness. By working together, we can bring about positive change and contribute to building a better sustainable world.