Enhance Inventory Management: NetSuite’s Fulfilled Item Reports


Client Portfolio

One of our clients wanted to use the NetSuite customization capability for developing a true custom report on Fulfilled Items. They believed that these reports would enable them to analyze sales data by Product Category, Line of Business, Product Revenue Type, Customer Segments, and Time Period, empowering them to identify top-performing products and thereby prioritizing sales strategies accordingly. 

Problem Statement 

Our client wanted a custom report to get the list of items from all sales orders which they have fulfilled along with the item key classifications. Previously, multiple searches were initiated to retrieve the data which made the process more complex to them. They needed to be able to select the date and other filters to further analyze the data. Also, the report needs to be mailed as per the user selection.

What We Suggested 

Our team developed a customized page using scripts and added a custom navigation called ‘Fulfilled Items Report’ that, when clicked, directs the user to a page where the orders and filters are displayed by default. This allowed them to check if there were any orders that they needed to fulfill. Additionally, the user had the option to send out emails containing a detailed report of the filtered data as an Excel attachment. 

Customer Success 

By creating a customized page to display fulfilled item details and sales information, the client would gain clear visibility into their inventory and sales data. This enabled them to make informed decisions about their purchasing strategy and optimize their procurement process. By this report, they enjoyed more benefits that includes:  

Consolidated Reporting: With Fulfilled Item Reports, they could consolidate multiple saved searches into a single report, eliminating the need to navigate through various search results.

Simplified Data Presentation: Fulfilled Item Reports provided a more structured and intuitive way of presenting data, making it easier for users to understand and analyze inventory-related information. 

Advanced Filtering and Sorting: The Report offered additional filtering and sorting options that were not available in Saved Searches. This enabled users to refine data sets based on specific criteria, facilitating more accurate analysis.

Improved Sales Visibility: The reports enabled the company to analyze sales data by Product Category, Customer Segment, and Time Period, empowering them to identify top-performing products and prioritize sales strategies accordingly.

Expanded Field Selection: Fulfilled Item Reports provided access to additional fields that were not accessible through saved searches. This allowed them to gain deeper insights into its inventory, such as product attributes, supplier information, and fulfillment details.

Way Forward 

Jobin & Jismi ensures customer satisfaction by understanding client needs, offering efficient remedies, and bringing about concrete advantages like optimized operations, consolidated data administration, automation, and risk reduction. Considering the feedback received from customers, we are confident that our collaboration has empowered them to accomplish their objectives and lay a solid groundwork for ongoing business expansion and prosperity.