13 Jul, 2022

How to Choose a Better NetSuite Consultant?

As businesses scramble to have NetSuite ERP implementation, it is commonly seen that many firms believe the process to be similar to implementing any other uncomplicated software. The fact remains that a good number of them fail to realize the vast advantages that this topmost ERP solution can offer.   

As a matter of fact, considering NetSuite as a plug-and-play fix can disappoint users as they attempt to avoid the learning curve without gaining an understanding of its significant advantages. In such a scenario, you will require the assistance of a qualified consultant for effective implementation.    

The key is to find a consultant you can rely on to identify your distinct requirements, assist you in enhancing company processes, and perform them at a lower cost.   

More About Consultants  

A NetSuite consultant is a technical specialist or group of professionals who can assist your company in establishing and administering the cloud-based ERP solution. This encompasses everything from customizing a solution to meeting your specific requirements through staff training, deployment and post-implementation health check.  

These certified experts have a good understanding of your industry's specific requirements. They are also able to spot features that can help you bridge the gaps between your business process and workflow. Their in-depth understanding of the software’s features and analytical approach should result in solutions that assist your company in achieving all potential benefits of the cloud platform.  

In short, an expert assists you in saving money, increasing productivity, and preventing any potential implementation difficulties. While there are many NetSuite consultants to pick from, it is critical to find one who can best match your company's demands.  We feel the finest ones match the six criteria listed below. 

1. Certification through NetSuite 

This certification comes at multiple levels, each of which proves proficiency in deployment and management. Companies that deal with qualified specialists have more productive deployments and receive a higher return on their investment.   

2.Concentration on Operation as much as Technology

Technology cannot solve operational problems on its own, and implementing new innovations without addressing process modifications might reveal issues you were not aware of. That is why a skilled consultant will walk you through a business process evaluation to find ways to link better procedures with better technology. 

3.Assist you with Change Management

Every NetSuite setting should include training, but managing change is more than just lecturing someone to use the ERP system. Workers and C-suite executives must be educated on prevalent objections before change management can begin. A consultant should assist in the transition to cloud-based procedures and the creation of more efficient workflows that seem seamless rather than unpleasant.   

4.Ensuring Cost Saving 

Switching to NetSuite ERP should result in cost savings through increased performance and productivity. Your expert should be passionate about putting up a system that saves you money, assuring that you only pay for the solutions you require and permitting you to expand efficiently. 

5.Offering Continuous Support 

Support might come in different forms for various businesses. For a few, it may imply having rapid access to a technical specialist who can address a problem. For others, it may imply adding project-specific assistance or continuing system monitoring to your team. A qualified consultant should be able to adapt to your changing demands.   

6.Has Enough Experience in NetSuite 

The software has been evolving since 1998. Consultants who have progressed with this premier ERP solution are hard to come by. Nonetheless, this long-term use may give useful information on how to acquire the most successful system for a company's needs.  

Seeking better assistance with this cloud ERP system to streamline your business? Touch base with Jobin & Jismi as we have more than a decade of experience in NetSuite services.