Celigo Integration

Seamlessly integrate your ERP/eCommerce applications through Celigo.
Your Celigo integration is safe in the hands of our Celigo certified developers.

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Celigo ERP Integration Services

Integrate your ERP with any third-party application of your choice with Celigo

    Celigo integration solves all ERP integration challenges. Seamlessly Integrate ERP system with any third-party application to fast-forward your business processes. Share data across multiple applications through a Celigo Integration platform to scale business rapidly. Celigo automates key business processes and enables data sharing between the front and back-office applications. 

    Celigo is a cloud platform with top-notch data security, and can easily integrate applications, data, and businesses with each other.  Our Celigo certified experts are capable of integrating any ERP platform with the application of your choice. With 100+ Celigo integrations in verticals like eCommerce and ERP,  our knowledge in the integration of custom applications with ERPs are extensive. 

Celigo Integration Services

    With an extensive set of pre-built connectors, Celigo makes it easy to create custom flows that fit your unique business needs. Celigo L4 certified developers of Jobin & Jismi have in-hand experience with leading integrations like NetSuite, Salesforce, Magento, MWS.  We utilize Celigo’s platform to flawlessly connect parent applications to the third party system or applications as per custom requirement of our customers. 

    • ERP – Connects legacy and cloud ERP systems with third-party apps. Integrate key processes to newer applications through Celigo.
    • eCommerce – Integrates trading partners, customer support, payments, Point of sale and shipping functions to an application of our customer’s choice. 
    • Third-party logistics (or 3PL)

Why Choose Celigo?

    Celigo is a world-class cloud integration platform that supports multiple types of integrations. Integrates legacy / SaaS ERP systems with third-party business applications to transfer data between applications. Celigo experts from Jobin & Jismi create custom flows that meet the specifications of the customer to automate their business process. Our developers utilize the tools provided in the Celigo platform to create complex integration flows. This allows our customers to Integrate business with their trading partners in no time and stay ahead of the competition. 

Jobin & Jismi : We are Celigo Partner

    Jobin & Jismi is a trusted partner of Celigo. We have handled countless Celigo integrations across the world and have helped organizations to achieve their business objectives in a cost and time-efficient manner. 

    Our experience in the field of eCommerce and ERP integration garnered us an unmatchable reputation in the industry. Our Celigo certified experts guide you throughout the integration process whether it is legacy, SaaS, or eCommerce applications. We also ensure post-implementation support for our existing clients. 

    Our leading Celigo Integration projects;

    • NetSuite Integration
    • Salesforce Integration
    • Magento Integration 
    • MWS Integration 
    • Shopify Integration 
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