24 Feb, 2022

NetSuite Cloud ERP for Dental Industry

The recent past has seen a surge in the dental industry. People are becoming more aware of the need for better dental hygiene, improving overall facial appearances and have better smiles through dental correction. On the other hand, the industry is seeing plenty of players entering the market offering newer services for their clients.  

There is an increasing need for dental professionals to provide clients with world class services and to stay on top of the market. To help them do that, they need to keep their back-end processes easily accessible. In the rapidly evolving landscape of the dental industry, providers face numerous challenges in delivering exceptional patient care while managing the complexities of their practices. From patient scheduling and treatment planning to inventory management and billing, the demands can be overwhelming. However, there is a solution that can revolutionize the way dental providers operate and optimize their workflows—Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). In this blog, we will explore how Oracle NetSuite can benefit dental providers and why it is a significant change for their success. 

NetSuite offers Dental Community with: 

An extremely scalable system that allows practitioners to organize their mission-critical business operations. The NetSuite platform makes it effortless to include the latest practices, new business lines and novel services.

Robust reporting abilities that provide practices greater insight into production data and practice area profitability. 

A stronger development platform with excellent flexibility that offers practices to adapt the system to fulfil their distinct needs. NetSuite’s API (Application programming interface) simply integrates with Dentrix, Open Dental, Carestream and Eaglesoft. 

In-built business intelligence that provides real-time insights into fundamental business performance indicators for a combined prospect of the practice.  

Rapid ROI that conventional systems cannot match. NetSuite’s quick execution times and cloud-based foundation assure that dentists can get back to distributing quality care.  

A cloud-based system that is safe, secure, and authentic. Each of NetSuite’s data centers offer data reproducing, disaster rehabilitation and failover abilities for the other. The NetSuite application is multi-tenant; it secures every server, storage, and hard drive with certain layers of redundancy. 

NetSuite permits you to acquire over two hundred previously prepared reports with the click of a button. Anytime, anywhere access allows you to work on your schedule so that you can better serve the patients. 

Solution Highlights

Comprehensive Financial Management Capabilities

NetSuite distributes stronger cloud Customer Relationship Management (CRM) abilities, consisting of Sales Force Automation (SFA), marketing automation, consumer support and service, and achieve clarity into business processes including: 

End-to-end transparency into your receivables and dues.

Finished fixed asset lifecycle tracking and reporting from accession to reduction to retirement.

Automatic revenue recognition following accounting standards using varying organizing and sophisticated allotments.

Combined budgeting and predicting tools to control financial projections against actuals.

Simply upload Patterson or Henry Schein formulary to administrate inventory and track production data.

Robust Financial Controls and Regulatory Compliance

NetSuite streamlines compliance with GAAP, FASB, SEC and AICPA limitations and standards. It also enables SOX Section 404 compliance by assisting internal controls and facilitating individual accountability via a complete audit trail of all operations and transactions:  

Modifiable positions with consents that assist the separation of duties.  

Audit trail visibility into comprehensive transaction history, reports, and saved searches. 

Offers permitting and certification management—capability to confidentially keep doctor NPI numbers and DEA licenses.

Multi-book/Multi-ledger feature permits practices to follow with various sets of financial books in parallel and provide financial statements corresponding with accounting standards.

Tax-basis reporting offers finance teams the transparency and reporting they require to optimize cash, manage bank accounts, control liquidity, and deliver compliance. 

Multiple Entity Management and Consolidation

NetSuite OneWorld assists practices with various locations simplifying processes and offering real-time visibility at the local, regional and headquarter levels inside a particular system. Using OneWorld, practices can build standard business operations and deploy them over their divisions and subsidiaries at the click of a button, while confronting all critical and time-taking regulatory financial compliance needs. 

Real-Time Reporting and Analytics

Using NetSuite, dental practices can acquire real-time cash positions and make financial reports with a button click. NetSuite offers the power of in-built, real-time dashboards, reporting and evaluating overall combined processes within the software suite. Understanding true value-added insights, business users achieve real-time visibility to recognize problems, trends, and opportunities, and immediately examine the fundamental transaction to act. Observe practice-wide performance over every organization or pinpoint spending at a single location. 

Industry Leading Customization and Integration Capabilities

NetSuite offers a cost-effective solution that enhances productivity, decreases the strain on IT and combines with key dental practice management software including Dentrix, Open Dental, Carestream and Eaglesoft. The adaptable API and SuiteCloud development platform offer strong customization tools for broadening NetSuite to suit your distinct business requirements, now and into the future. 

To know more about the various capabilities available in NetSuite ERP contact Jobin and Jismi IT Services. We can assist you with the NetSuite related concerns.