8 Sep, 2021

NetSuite ERP v/s TallyPrime Comparison

Businesses need to adopt cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems to optimize their business operations. 

It is difficult to compare two major ERP systems. But we have done the impossible so that you analyze the main features of the two ERP systems and conclude the optimal solution as per your requirement.

This blog discusses:

Company profiles of NetSuite and TallyPrime.

Features - NetSuite v/s TallyPrime


Oracle NetSuite

NetSuite is a leading cloud-based  ERP solution for all companies from startups to publicly traded companies. NetSuite fully automates the business process of a company and helps in the management of the company’s inventory, finance, accounting, human resources, and customer relationship. More than 40,000 companies use NetSuite to enhance and manage their business operations.

What the #1 cloud ERP offers:

Role-based dashboard, Key Performance indicators, and Workflows for various industries.

Powerful finance management.

The unified data model enables the seamless flow of real-time information.


Tally is the largest Indian accounting software vendor and is present in emerging markets in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.  TallyPrime is one of its products, a business management software for small and medium businesses. It is easy to use but it is dated and emerging businesses consider it as a difficult task to rely on Tally completely. Users deploy inefficient solutions, manage multiple manual spreadsheets, and work with poorly integrated point solutions. 

NetSuite ERP v/s TallyPrime

1. One central system

TallyPrime has limitations in managing the accounting operations of a business. At the same time, NetSuite automates the business operations of a business completely and truly acts as a central system for the business.

2. Save time and money

The common difficulties faced by an organization are the entry of employees spend hours through manual processes, creation of invoices to fill out complicated spreadsheets leading to wastage of time, often human mistakes, invoice questions asking for solutions, and end-of-month crises. With NetSuite, it reduces your cost in manual processes and completely automates your business processes, saving time and making your business efficient.

3. Grow your business

Multiple applications and different drawbacks of TallyPrime utilized by different departments and enterprises result in chaos due to its inefficiency in driving the business and providing 360-degree visibility of the business. At the same time, NetSuite offers a real-time view of all your business processes from everywhere and accelerates your business.

4. Increase visibility

Unconnected and multiple systems make it difficult to get valuable feedback and a detailed view of your business operations. Storing a set of data in Tally and keeping other important updated information elsewhere can lead to complexities, data securing, and a serious lack of reporting. NetSuite as a single system stores all your data securely and enables easy access to the users.

5. Reduce IT complexity

As a single accounting product, TallyPrime faces a lot of burdens with different workarounds, distinct and inefficient integrated applications. This leads to a split hairball that is difficult to handle. With NetSuite, businesses can overcome the IT complexities in a cost-effective way and accelerate their business in an efficient manner.

6. Boost efficiency, boost sales

With TallyPrime, your business will not be as dynamic and responsive.  At the same time, NetSuite is highly responsive and powerful to enhance the efficiency of a business and boost its sales. NetSuite manages the operations of business completely by eliminating all its manual processes to make them efficient.

7. Audit your business

FOs and business owners are at risk from poor security, auditability, and the ability to modify data on a pre-emptive basis with TallyPrime. NetSuite offers complete security for your data and manages expenses in an efficient way and helps to audit the expenses easily.

Comparisons between TallyPrime and NetSuite

Features TallyPrime NetSuite
Time tracking No Yes (support timesheet management)
Data reliability and security Limited High
Browser-based access No Yes
Integrations and inventory management Limited High
Product upgrade Yearly and it is costly Twice a year and it is free
Report Customization Limited Yes
Saved Search No Yes
Workflows No Yes
Resource Management No Yes
Demand Planning No Yes
Customer Relationship Management Limited High, Inbuilt CRM (SFA, marketing automation and customer support and service)
Invoicing Yes Yes (provides suite billing invoicing)
Multi-currency Yes Yes (support multi-user, multi-subsidiary, multinational business process)
Taxation Management Yes Yes
Analytics No Yes (SuiteAnalytics)
Expense Tracking No Yes
Payment Onetime SAAS (software-as-a-service)
Recurring invoice No Yes
Financial accounting Yes Yes
VAT. GST reports Yes Yes
Mobile Support Yes Yes (provide maximum business productivity anywhere you want to work)
Business intelligence No Yes (SuiteAnalytics module)
Add-ons Limited High
Role-based access No Yes
Desktop and Mobile Platforms Windows Web apps, Windows, Macintosh
Users 1-500 2-1000+


Features TallyPrime NetSuite
Email/ help desk Yes Yes
FAQ/Forum Yes Yes
Knowledge Base Yes Yes
Phone Support Yes Yes
24/7 Live Rep No Yes
Chat Yes Yes


Features TallyPrime NetSuite
In-Person No Yes
Live Online No Yes
Webinars Yes Yes
Documentation Yes Yes
Videos Yes Yes

Conclusion - Our say in this battle

Tally is mainly designed for the Indian audience and lacks many functionalities while comparing with NetSuite. They do not require internet connectivity and can work easily on the desktop. 

At the same time, the NetSuite ERP solution helps businesses completely automate their operations, to make the business efficient. NetSuite is easily accessible to any web browser and offers complete security and backups for your data. NetSuite provides excellent insight into your business operations and an intuitive user interface to navigate easily. NetSuite’s broader visibility and quick third-party integration capabilities help boost your business.

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