CSV Import Extension


This extension provides facilities to add in numerous items in the cart page through CSV import, without the intervention from the product page. We have placed this extension as one of the highest quality and consistent among the Suite commerce Advanced Extensions. We have offered this extension to our clients as they desired enhance their SCA website's Performance.

The data migration plays a crucial role in the existence of SuiteCommerce Advanced websites.

The Suite Commerce Extension CSV import provides with 2 important facilities

  • - Options to import numerous items in a cart page.
  • - The import operates on without the intervention of the product page.



To enable CSV import extension for your website, please contact us and we can install and activate the extension for you.


For every SuiteCommerce Advanced website data on items is very important, it needs to be updated from time to time. Items are dynamic parameters of a trade. As per the changing of trends and the invention of new technologies products needs to be updated frequently. This extension provides the SuiteCommerce Advanced websites to add numerous items in their cart page without the intervention from the product page, which holds the overlapping between the pages of a suiteCommerce Websites.

While the import on items diminishes the intervention from the product page which enhances the efficiency of trade. As the long term impact the users can avail the trade enhancement and the customer hit rate through the product page in the highest codes. The importing of items will improve the higher density of delivering the items through the SCA website page and simultaneously this SCA extension will improve the performance.