Thai Tax Service Providing System’s Integration with NetSuite


One of the Japanese based, multi-billion, world’s largest electronics companies, wanted to integrate NetSuite with their Tax Service providing system for their Thailand subsidiary. This integration has to be performed in the premises of the company.

They wanted to integrate NetSuite to  their application used for tax consulting services. This application helps to generate tax uniformly in their country for achieving a competitive advantage on tax updation from different sources. The objective of integrating NetSuite was to automate the tax generation process. 

Country specific tax filing is a serious business problem for enterprises that are performing multinational operations. The enterprise needs all the transactions to be accounted for the tax structure of the home country and it is time consuming and most tax localization services invest huge manual effort and time for that. In this scenario, this enterprise wanted the tax providing system to be integrated with NetSuite thereby automating the process.


Our client, a leading tax consultant of Thailand, is providing tax based solutions to different multinational clients. In this particular case, they wanted us to integrate NetSuite with their Tax Service Providing System. The integration is to be done with the Purchases Tax (Accounts Payable) and Sales Tax (Accounts Receivable). 

The client also wanted to generate a system to receive the Purchase Tax data/bills from NetSuite and share it with the tax service provider in excel format. These bills contain the lines with Withholding Tax Code. They wanted to get this data with proper heading, layout, details and other required information. Obtaining this data is essential for the service provider to check whether the Withholding Tax is deducted and ready for certification. Once this process is complete they can get the required documents  printed.

Another requirement was to get notification for the wrong entries and to ensure data security and functional authentication.

The task seemed a bit complex. However, our expert droid in NetSuite figured out the best possible ways to integrate after a thorough research. The research pointed to the exact areas where the expert needed to use his magic hands. The primary requirement was a scheduled script to integrate AP(Purchase Tax), AR (Sales Tax) Data to the application. This data is handed over as CSV. Then the use of SFTP protocol to ensure authentication and data security. The report column layout was filled with some complex formulae. And the final part was to create a script for identifying the errors and notifying the wrong entries to the right user for making a re-entry.


NetSuite expert of  Jobin & Jismi formulated a Scheduled script to integrate AP (Purchase Tax), AR (Sales Tax) Data to the Tax Service System. This automated the process of transferring  the desired data in the suggested format with heading, layout and details and sent to the tax service system in a button click. Our suitescript expert also created an option to identify the user entry errors, notification when detected and a provision to reattempt those entries.

Later, the NetSuite suitescript expert of  Jobin & Jismi used SFTP Protocol for ensuring data security and authentication functionality. The data was transferred using the CSV format. 


Our expert NetSuite integration team designed an effective solution for smooth data transfer to the Tax Service System using NetSuite as back engine. This resulted in getting the required report in the Thailand country specific format from NetSuite. This automation helped our client in  effective time management and high accuracy in their service.