Simplify GST Compliance with NetSuite and ClearTax Integration

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Good financial management is essential for any business. As a business expands, staying on top of taxes becomes crucial due to varying GST regulations in different countries. Imagine easily sending your sales and purchase reports to the government with just a click. This case study explains how we made this possible.

Client Portfolio

An Indian-based global professional services and consulting partner for businesses in transformation mode approached us to integrate NetSuite with ClearTax. They were looking for improved management of their accounts while dealing with Indian tax regulations.

Problem Statement

Our client, operating in India, faces the challenge of aligning their tax integration for Goods and Services Tax (GST) with their NetSuite platform. They are mandated to submit GST details of sales and purchase documents to the GST government portal in compliance with Indian tax regulations. While NetSuite offers Suite Tax to manage tax regulations globally, integrating Indian GST requires connecting NetSuite with ClearTax, India’s leading consumer tax filing website. The client, dealing with a significant volume of orders and purchases, seeks a solution where they can choose to submit these documents selectively.

What We Suggested

Our proposed solution focuses on integrating NetSuite with ClearTax to simplify GST compliance. By implementing a custom button within each record in NetSuite, users can initiate the automatic generation and submission of relevant sales or purchase documents to ClearTax. Key suggestions include: 
 Single Button Click: Incorporating a custom button within NetSuite records to initiate document submission to ClearTax. 

Automated Data Transfer: Mapping necessary fields for continous data transfer between NetSuite and ClearTax. 

Selective Submission: Allowing users the flexibility to choose which documents to submit, reducing unnecessary burdens on the tax compliance process.


Several challenges were encountered during the implementation phase:

Integration Complexity: The NetSuite ClearTax integration presented challenges in addressing compatibility issues and ensuring smooth data transmission due to the inclusion of large data fields to map.

Customer Success

Following the implementation of our solution, the client experienced significant success:

Easy GST Compliance: By automating the submission process to ClearTax directly from NetSuite, the client achieved greater efficiency and accuracy in GST compliance. 

Reduced Manual Effort: The custom button feature allowed users to initiate submissions effortlessly, eliminating the need for manual data entry and reducing the risk of errors. 

Enhanced Control: Providing users with the option to selectively submit documents empowered them to manage their tax obligations more effectively, enhancing overall control and compliance.

Key Achievements:

Improved Tax Management by 80% 

Enhanced Tax Report Handling

Way Forward

With this integration, you don’t need to worry about GST compliance and government regulations. With just one click, you can simply send sales and purchase data through the government portal, bringing tax management under control. 

Are you looking to automate tax management in your business process? Need an efficient process to send your orders through the government portal with one click? Contact us today to optimize your operations with our integrated solution.