NetSuite Amazon MWS Integration


Jobin & Jismi is committed to creating an effective solution for the NetSuite Integration with Amazon Marketplace Web Service (MWS) for scalability of our client’s business. This is because our client is an industry-leading wholesale distribution and E-commerce provider and integrate NetSuite with MWS is critical.

To that end, we developed the SuiteCommerce Advanced (SCA) portal. Our client uses 3 SCA instances (2 in Elbrus and 1 in Aconcagua).

To accelerate and get higher Amazon listings it is critical to have the data exchange between Amazon MWS synchronized with the NetSuite platform. In this way, our client can ensure automation in the data exchange of product listing, orders, and payments to and from NetSuite and their Amazon account. Consequently, this helps them get precise and accurate reports as well.

Amazon MWS helps with easy online business by providing such features as Inventory management, Order management, and Report management. The Order management feature helps the client to download order information, acknowledge orders and even to schedule reports.


Our client requires a global financial management solution that integrates Netsuite ERP with Amazon MarketPlace Web Service. This solution should essentially be flexible enough to accommodate dynamically changing business needs. Taking this unified approach to operational data will benefit our client by giving them an edge through rapid responsiveness to the changing market conditions.

Integration of NetSuite ERP with Amazon MWS enables automatic updating of order refunds in Netsuite ERP and Amazon MWS as per client specific requirements on the integration request. When refunds occur the orders would automatically be canceled. Additionally, the shipment trade becomes necessary thus requiring giving the trade number back.

The updating of order information should automatically reflect on both platforms. It reflects when there is an order refund in Amazon (if it is an Amazon order).

Challenges of the integration of NetSuite ERP and Amazon Marketplace Web Service (MWS)

Synchronization of data between two platforms and automatic updating of order information were the major challenges faced by our development team. To overcome this challenge, integration of Netsuite with Amazon Marketplace Web Service (MWS) must be done meticulously.

Another challenge our development team faced for Integrate NetSuite with MWS was that of authentication. Amazon authorization details include Seller Id, MWS Authentication token, AWS Access Key Id, Secret Key, Developer Id, and Marketplace id all of which need data that is even harder to obtain.

Ideally, synchronization of data requires high degrees of consistency among NetSuite and Amazon MarketPlace Web Service and this depends on consecutive updates to maintain consistency. The process needs planning, owned, managed, scheduled and controlled effectively for that level of consistency to achieve.

Incidentally, the synchronizing data between NetSuite ERP and Amazon MarketPlace Web Service poses a number of challenges; synchronizing the Complex data in a Real-time environment without compromising the Security, data quality and the system performance were the major concerns.

Our solution for the integration of NetSuite ERP and Amazon Marketplace Web Service (MWS)

The integration of NetSuite ERP requires an exceptional data synchronization process. Our expert team processes the refund order using a Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) request along with Representational State Transfer (REST) request. The offered SOAP interfaces will be very difficult to develop therefore they require much attention and care. SOAP is an XML-based messaging protocol that defines rules for structure messages. Amazon does not provide REST API for Amazon refunds which makes it a necessity to use SOAP. This API provides good communication between the two technologies and programming languages.

Although there is no REST API for Amazon Refund, a direct API is provided by the Amazon MWS for refunding an order. To resolve the REST issue and Integrate NetSuite with MWS, our development team used a Feed submit API. The Submit feed operation uploads a file and any necessary metadata for processing as this operation is available in all marketplaces.


Our team fetches Amazon orders from MWS and creates corresponding customers and sales orders in Netsuite using scheduled scripts. It invites Amazon APIs to do the integration and using SOAP API, it fetches MWS Orders and MWS Order items. A saved search is creating in customer record to get the customer data. If the customer exists it will update the customer address to further create a sales order for that customer. In the case of a non-existing customer, a new customer is created with a sales order. The client script supports the overall refund screen.

We facilitate our client’s system with faster order fulfillment. The integration can enhance the business operation. And it impacts the speed and performance of the e-commerce transaction that results in an improved customer experience.


We are successful in delivering an exclusive solution for synchronizing the Netsuite ERP and Amazon MarketPlace Web Service while also smartly managing various aspects of the management of the customer relationship. The advanced computing of SuiteCommerce results in efficiency that also fuels our client’s business.

    • Synchronization of data in Amazon seller central and Amazon FBA
    • Automatic updating of order process in both platforms

The main results include a net refund of orders when an item is returned. It also cancels the orders when a refund occurs. This integration helps to synchronize MWS Amazon with Netsuite. It generates automatic updates of net refunds, customers and their sales orders.