NetSuite Bronto API Integration


Client Requirement

Bronto API is an E-commerce software which provides a marketing automation platform to enterprises and also mid-sized organizations worldwide. One of our NetSuite clients needs to enable automatic SMS facility during the order placing and processing stage. Our client was looking for a way to allow faster E-commerce marketing to drive cross-channel marketing depending on customers and transnational data from their NetSuite account. Furthermore, they wanted to have complete control over digital marketing solutions. Finally, we provide it by integrating customer information, transactional data from NetSuite to Bronto.

Our client’s main concern was how to send SMS to customers when an order places or during the order processing stage using Bronto?

The Challenges of Bronto API Integration

Our client wanted us to deliver a new approach to integrating SMS facility to send messages to customers. It makes possible when they place an order or during the processing stage of an order. Furthermore, it is some more difficult to trigger the SMS when a customer places an order and on its processing stage. This was one of the challenging issues what we faced.

Our Solutions

With the assistance of our expert NetSuite consulting team, we provided a NetSuite-Bronto integration. This solution is to successfully accomplish our client’s requirement. We solved the key challenge of sending SMS to customers using SuiteScript and building workflow.

We solved the other crucial challenge of integrating the NetSuite data to Bronto’s API using SOAP web service. SOAP API library is divided into two sections. One is the object reference section and the other is the function reference section. We used this SOAP request to support all the interactions taking place between Bronto API and NetSuite.

Every time an order is placed, a workflow will execute. And we developed a SuiteScript to add the contact to the SMS keyword list. As a result, we can send an SMS to the particular customers.

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