Google Maps Integration

Integration of Google Maps within NetSuite creates a powerful tool to strengthen business operations. It enables users to get information on any customer or prospect based on their within the NetSuite platform.

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Implementation Time   3 Days

  • Integrate NetSuite with Google Maps to access powerful mapping features for your business processes.
  • Get geolocation data for any customer or prospect in NetSuite and see them on Google Maps.
  • Plan your customer visits more efficiently by filtering them by location and priority.
  • Easily select a subset of customers in a large geographical area by drawing a rectangle on the map.
  • Optimize your sales and marketing strategies with spatial insights from Google Maps Integration in NetSuite.

Last UpdateFebruary 2024

Published22 February 2024


  • Filter customers by various criteria and view them on Google Maps.
  • See the customer name by hovering over the numbered pin on the map.
  • Access the exact location of the customer from their record using latitude and longitude.
  • Select a group of customers on the map by drawing a rectangle over them.
  • Create task records for the selected customers in a specific area.
  • Boost your sales and marketing efficiency with Google Maps Integration in NetSuite.

Features Overview

  • View selected customers on the Map Customer Page under the “Choose Customers To Create Task” tab.
  • Specify details such as assignee, priority, start date, due date, and task type.
  • Mark the customers for whom you want to create task records Click the “Create Task” button to generate tasks for the marked customers.
  • See the task records with the assignee name, customer name, start date, due date, and priority.
  • Manage your customer tasks more effectively with Google Maps Integration in NetSuite.