Kanban Board for Project

Kanban Board is a robust tool enabling hassle-free visualization and management of tasks. Featuring buckets/columns, it is a dynamic platform to increase work efficiency by depicting pending and completed tasks. By seamlessly implementing within NetSuite, it permits users to use NetSuite effectively for task management.

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Implementation Time   5 Days

What is the Kanban Board?  

  • It is a powerful tool for the smooth visualization and management of tasks.  
  • Provides a dynamic platform to enhance work efficiency.  
  • Comprising columns or buckets, Kanban Board depicts pending and completed tasks.  
  • The board is seamlessly implemented within NetSuite allowing users to manage project tasks.
  • All NetSuite projects have the Kanban Board button giving quick access to tasks and project status.

Last UpdateJanuary 2024

Published31 January 2024


Access Control  

  • Kanban Board access control demonstrates our commitment to efficiency.  


Resource Subtab

  • People listed under Resource Details in the subtab have access.  


Project Manager

  • Edit access given to project managers listed in the body level fields.  
  • Users listed under the Resource Details with the role of project manager also gain edit access.
  • Those overseeing resources gain control to manage tasks efficiently.


My Own Task

  • Tasks given to an individual automatically gain edit access.  
  • It ensures that team members get direct control over their tasks.  
  • This promotes individual accountability.  


Show All Tasks vs. Show My Tasks

  • Kanban Board provides an option to either display all tasks or show the ones assigned to the respective user.  
  • Tasks are customized and editable under the ‘Show My Tasks’ option.  
  • It ensures that users focus only on their respective tasks.  
  • ‘Show All Tasks’ offers an extensive view of all tasks.  
  • Project Managers gain editing privileges.  
  • Kanban Board access control features contribute to a more collaborative work eco-system.  
  • Users get the information and editing capabilities they need to fulfill their roles.  

Features Overview

Parent and Child Tasks

  • Board displays the relationship between parent and child tasks.  
  • Enables users to track completion status of subtasks.


Status Tracking in NetSuite Tasks 

  • NetSuite project tasks fall under three statuses.  
  • They include ‘Not Started’, ‘In Progress’ and ‘Completed’.  
  • Custom Label/bucket names are also included.  
  • Board reflects statuses and provides real-time updates on progress.


View Task Option

  • The board has a “View Task” option.  
  • Click on it to swiftly open and access the task in NetSuite.  
  • It enhances user experience and promotes efficient task management.


Create New Tasks Through Kanban

  • Users can create new tasks via Kanban Board.  
  • Click on the new task creation option to navigate to the NetSuite page.  
  • This enables users to quickly create new tasks.  
  • This ensures seamless workflow.
  • Clicking the + button to add a new task takes user to NetSuite.


Default Board Configuration  

  • Kanban Board starts with a default configuration in the initial stage.  
  • Board is generated based on the status of project tasks.  
  • The status of project tasks is classified into three buckets.  
  • They are “Non-Started” color coded in black, “In Progress” in blue and “Completed” in green.  
  • Tasks are additionally classified into low, medium and high priority.  
  • Classification ensures a structured approach to task management.  
  • Kanban Board streamlines task status updates.  
  • No editing is possible in default board.  
  • In the default board, task status adjustments are easily done.  
  • It provides a versatile interface by moving tasks to desired buckets or allowing status modification by clicking on the task. 


New Board Creation

  • Kanban Board provides the flexibility to create customized custom boards.  
  • The “Create New” option permits the user to define the board name, column/bucket names and other options.  


Edit Custom Boards

  • By clicking on the “Edit Board” option, users an easily modify custom boards.  
  • While clicking the option, a pop-up comes up enabling users to make changes.  
  • The changes include altering the board name, adjusting bucket names and changing bucket orders.  


Unassigned Bucket for Enhanced Organization

  • An “Unassigned Bucket” is automatically generated during custom board creation.  
  • It accommodates tasks that are not yet assigned to specific columns.  
  • Ensures systematic organization of tasks.  
  • Allows users to drag tasks from the “Unassigned Bucket” to designated columns.  
  • Custom Boards also offer dynamic management capabilities.  
  • Once tasks are removed from the “Unassigned Bucket” to the new buckets, the former gets automatically removed from the board.