Picking Ticket PDF

NetSuite’s Picking Ticket PDF is the best way to enhance warehouse efficiency. It keeps errors to the minimum. It optimizes order preparation and enhances warehouse efficiency. It ensures prompt item retrieval by providing clear instructions.

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Implementation Time   2 Days (per template)

  • Picking Ticket can be printed from both Sales order and item Fulfillment record.  
  • Additional columns like bins can be incorporated to streamline the process.
  • Bar code can be printed in the NetSuite Picking Ticket PDF for scanning purposes.
  • Additional customization is possible on demand at an extra cost. 

Last UpdateJanuary 2024

Published31 January 2024


  • Has vital significance in NetSuite’s order preparation process.  
  • Picking Ticket holds crucial information about customer.  
  • Also contains order details and item quantities for smooth order fulfillment.  
  • Creation and customization are flexible enough.  
  • Accessible in both digital and print formats.  
  • Incorporates extensive details about item locations serving as a guide to warehouse team.  
  • Reduces the likelihood of errors and ensures order accuracy.  

Features Overview

  • Warehouse efficiency attains new levels thanks to NetSuite Picking Ticket PDF. It contains important customer details and facilitates item retrieval.