Resale Tax Certificate Automation

The Resale/Tax Certificate Automation feature streamlines the Resale Certificate uploading for all customers. This important document facilitates compliance with tax regulations. It is provided by a retailer to a wholesaler and the automation feature promises helps clients who are engaged in B2B activities.

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Implementation Time   1 Week

  • The Certificate is an important document that primarily facilitates compliance with tax regulations.
  • It is provided by a retailer to a wholesaler. Also, manufacturers issue this certificate to material suppliers.
  • In some American states, the certificates are used to buy taxable services that are part of property for resale.
  • The automation feature ensures easy access to certificates and provides a seamless user experience.
  • Resale Certificates are usually in a “blanket” form as it applies to all items bought from the vendor.
  • This feature primarily helps our clients engage in B2B activities.

Last UpdateFebruary 2024

Published22 February 2024


  • During the registration process, new customers can check the “Upload Resale Certificate” checkbox on the Registration Page.
  • When the Resale Certificate Checkbox is enabled on the customer record for existing customers, the Certificate option is displayed in the My Account menu.
  • New customers can either fill in the form with the necessary details regarding the certificate or upload its soft copy in PDF format.
  • Customers can sign the certificate using the canvas option in the form.
  • For existing customers, the Resale Certificate option is displayed on the My Account menu when the Resale Certificate checkbox is enabled on the customer record.
  • A new tab for the certificate gets added to the My Account page.
  • Those who upload the file during registration can view them in their My Account section.

Features Overview

  • This automation ensures efficient certificate management by simplifying the uploading and managing of resale certificates for new and existing clients.
  • It facilitates B2B customers in their business by enabling compliance with all tax regulations.
  • Most of our customers engage in B2B business and they can make use of this automation.
  • It improves user experience by enabling document preview of uploaded certificates directly on the MyAccount page.