2 Sep, 2020

Benefits of Integrating eCommerce with ERP

eCommerce is the 21st-century tradition of selling and buying goods via virtual means. It is a transformative model where the buyers and sellers meet in an online platform and proceed with the trade, without any direct or physical presence of both the parties. However, these online business stores are highly potential business units to connect the business across the globe. Nowadays, for every retailer, setting up an online store is as important as running a business offline. 

The businesses need to maintain a well-established eCommerce platform to remain competitive in this digital world. It seems to be a herculean task to stay competitive.  Getting your eCommerce business an effective  Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system will be an essential part to achieve business success.

Reasons for Integrating eCommerce with ERP

Are you facing the following business challenges?

Facing problems with incorrect shipping addresses.
Challenges on unreliable inventory levels.
Difficulty in managing incomplete, miss-spelled product information.

If yes, you are in need of a powerful ERP to rescue your business from these disturbing challenges.

Nevertheless, to say, eCommerce integrations to an ERP system is quite expensive, but if we overlook the benefits, it is always worth it to go for an integration. 

For instance, the integration of eCommerce sales channels with ERP systems provides an opportunity to enhance your eCommerce business functions effectively.

3 Key Benefits

Following are the  3 Key benefits of eCommerce integration
Key Data Integration
Data Redundancies
Process Automation

By aligning eCommerce channels with NetSuite ERP, it enhances business competency through the possibility of eliminating the following errors which may lag your business to success. 

In short, if you’re not willing to integrate your e-commerce with ERP, you are taking a risk to put your consumers' experience at stake.

In this regard, how can powerful ERP solutions help you?

Let’s check out the benefits offered by ERP solutions to enterprises.

Top 7 Benefits of Integrating eCommerce with ERP

Your business is entitled to receive the following benefits with ERP - eCommerce integration.

1. Reduces Data Redundancy, Human Involvement, and Error

The integration provides business automation and it helps to prevent from occurring manual errors in running the process. It helps to reduce data redundancies and associated inconsistencies in business processes. By integrating into an ERP system, which helps to provide optimization in running operations, whether it is financials, inventory management, order processing backorders, etc, every process will get reliability under a single operating system.

2. Reduces Operating Costs

The eCommerce industry by all means running business processes completely in a virtual world. An ERP integration helps the eCommerce enterprises to run the business with a lesser operational cost than before. ERP optimizes and integrates all the processes and operations, it will again reflect in improved productivity and increased process efficiency.

3. Increases Internal Productivity

With a perfect ERP solution, your company can experience increased internal productivity by meeting the higher end needs and operational requirements of an eCommerce business.

4. Reduces Inventory Cost

The business processes will receive operational reliability via ERP integrations. It helps to reduce the associated errors and confusion that may arise in managing the inventory. ERP offers efficient inventory management and thereby reduced operational cost and investment in managing the inventory.

5. Increases Customer Satisfaction

Improved customer satisfaction is another important benefit that eCommerce - ERP integration provides to the companies. The well-aligned and improved business processes and enhanced operational mechanisms will result in improved customer satisfaction.

6. Generates Financial Reports in ERP

It’s better to have an efficient working ERP for your eCommerce business, to keep track of your financial process and transactions. ERP serves all the accounting and financial needs of enterprises. It generates efficient financial reports and provides reliability in business operations.

7. Better Control of your Business

ERP is a suite of operations, which bring competitive advantages to the business to perform efficiently. ERP enables you to have a better understanding and control of your business process and operations to run the business more effortlessly with varied benefits. 

you comprehend these benefits and adopt them for the success of your business. As a whole, the availability of precise, and up to date orders and consumer information makes it easier to deliver good customer service.

NetSuite ERP

When you look for ERP options to integrate the same with your eCommerce business, the best option that you should consider buying is NetSuite ERP. NetSuite ERP has extensive capabilities to achieve higher-end business results. With NetSuite’s ERP, CRM, PSA, and eCommerce capabilities creating a perfect environment to deploy your eCommerce business into this ERP system. 

Offline commerce is no longer treated as a constant source of income for retail businesses. Nowadays some companies maintain separate wings for managing online and offline businesses.  NetSuite ERP can get a  progressive transformation to the eCommerce business. It has comprehensive features to provide end to end business management solutions to eCommerce units with its ERP and CRM capabilities

eCommerce businesses can enjoy better control over their following operations in a single platform. This includes merchandising, inventory management, business financials and transactions, customer engagement, in-store PoS, and marketing.

eCommerce business can enjoy business agility, enhanced utility, and to run business 24x7 across the globe. NetSuite resides in a cloud platform providing a holistic and dynamic approach to eCommerce running of the business with smart order picking and fulfillment capabilities.

Choose NetSuite ERP for eCommerce to Get the Benefit Of:

If you choose NetSuite ERP, then you are entitled to receive the following benefits.

NetSuite offers outstanding online customer shopping experience with its Rich and intuitive features optimized both for desktop and mobile.
NetSuite ERP offers process Consistency across all channels and departments.
It allows cross channel flow information between stores and online.
Helps to gain a better understanding of the customers by compiling online and offline data and helps to create analytical customer profiles for forecasting future business by analyzing consumer behavior.
Automation of activities between various channels includes sales, marketing, services, and promotion.
It provides a unique and personalized experience for customers Increased service productivity with CRM intelligence.
• Global inventory management system to know about stock availability.
• It offers an equal support model for B2C and B2B business operations.
Effortless automation and management of sales and services across the world with multinational, multicurrency capabilities.

NetSuite ERP can provide unique business solutions to enterprises to run a business online with higher-end business strength and profitability. 

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