Item Alias Research in Transaction Lines in NetSuite


One of our US-based clients is building a global digital consumer product platform. This looks at transforming marketplace sellers into international brands loved by millions. 


Our client required us to make the item record or duplicate record available for searching at the transaction level. One creates a custom record for storing the duplicate names of items. In the standard method, you can select an item record only for transaction.  

The person who is making the transaction may not know the actual name but only knows the duplicate name. One has to get the main item in the transaction.    


Our professionals created a custom alias to store duplicate records. They did so to meet the American client’s requirement. In the custom record there is a standard field called ‘name field’. 

That name field will ensure that Alias records get that name. Alias names are searchable by means of a “workflow“.    

The system creates a custom field in the transaction record. One can select a duplicate name in that. This is to populate the parent item’s name in the standard item field. We used the client script to do that.  


Our client met the requirements successfully using multiple names for the same item. In that scenario, this solution helps to create transaction records and simplify their transaction processes.  

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