Automating Invoice Creation in NetSuite


One of our clients, a leading software company from Australia wanted us to review their invoice creation process and propose a solution to automate the process. They wanted us to develop and implement the invoice process automation in their NetSuite Account because our solution was a perfect fit for their business process


Our client needs to generate invoices for sales orders from a customized page on NetSuite. Here the user should be able to filter out the sales order after specifying the selection criteria. Our client aims for line-specific invoicing that would provide them with the option of invoicing a specific quantity per line. This would also enable them to automate certain details during the invoice creation that is currently not supported on the standard page.

The risks in the customization are the NetSuite enforces concurrency limits on the Suitelet, the failure during the invoice creation process is notified to the user via mail. So, the users have to review the same and reprocess the failed one again. When one clicks the ‘Generate Invoice’ button the sales order gets stored in the custom record. If the user immediately opens the Suitelet page and applies the criteria to display the order list. The previously chosen sales order list will be listed (since the invoice is created via a scheduled process). It is the responsibility of the user to select the orders accordingly and make sure that the previously chosen sales order will not be repeatedly selected. Previously chosen Sales Order Item lines will be removed from the list when an invoice is created for the same.


Our experts examined the details of the requirements and the risks associated with it carefully and they achieved the requirement by implementing a suitelet page in the NetSuite account. Users can thus generate an invoice record by selecting the sales orders from the suitelet page.


The addition of Suitelet page in the NetSuite account is successful.  Users can now generate invoices for sales orders with line-specific invoicing, specific quantity per line invoicing and it automated certain details to the invoice during the invoice creation that are not supported on the standard page.