How to Develop a Fully Functional Sales Web App with NetSuite

Food and Beverages | UK


Client Portfolio

A UK-based beverage manufacturing company approached Jobin & Jismi to simplify their eCommerce platform. They are the oldest provincial wine and spirits merchant in UK and are trading independently. As we had developed their entire web app, they needed an admin dashboard with specific features so that they can support the website easily and make updates without much complexity. 

Problem Statement

Our client requested web application development to engage more users with their sales portal, thereby improving their online business effectively. They were looking for a cost-effective or one-time payment method and a solution that would allow administrators to update their website without the need for coding or manual changes in NetSuite. Additionally, they requested the web app to be a single-page application to ensure high loading speed on the order page. Furthermore, the client desired smooth integration with global wine trading marketplace Liv-ex for real-time access to wine lists and retail prices, as well as an efficient payment process through Stripe.  
Liv-ex is used by over 600 merchants to buy and sell wine. Stripe is a payment service provider that enables entrepreneurs to accept credit and debit cards, among other payment methods. It is particularly well-suited for online businesses, as its unique features are primarily tailored to enhance online sales.

What We Suggested 

The admin dashboard lists different details including orders, sales history, product specifications, payment status and delivery charges. Administrators can customize the Home Page and Category sections in the web app as well as change the product and shipping charges smoothly.
Our solution included the following key components: 

1. Admin Dashboard: The user-friendly admin dashboard allows authorized administrators to make real-time updates to the website without any coding knowledge. We have created a login page for the users to enter the admin page using their username and password. 


2. Liv-ex Integration: Integrated the client’s system with the Liv-ex platform to access wine lists and retailer prices in real time. This gets updated in the webapp instantly, and the admin can make the item inactive or hide it from the webapp as needed. 


3. Stripe Integration: Integrated Stripe for a seamless and efficient payment process, ensuring a secure and convenient shopping experience for customers.


4. Wine-searcher Sync: Product details from the web app are shared with the Wine-searcher system, enabling buyers to discover and purchase the client’s product. When clicking, users are redirected to the client’s web app, thus increasing the product’s reach and, consequently, sales.


5. Single-Page Application: To enhance user experience, we have developed a single-page application that reduces page loading times, making the website faster and more responsive. When clicking on any section, only the content will be replaced, eliminating the need to reload the entire browser.


6. NetSuite Integration: Synced the system with NetSuite so customers can view product and order updates in real-time, ensuring consistency and accuracy. 



7.Guest User Functionality: The add-on guest user functionality allows non-registered users to add products to their cart, encouraging increased user engagement. The items they add will show up after they log in too. This eliminates the hassle of re-adding the items again.


Challenges are common, but how can we effectively address them? Let us look at the major scenarios where high scrutiny is involved: 

Multi-Integrations: The Web app development includes multiple integration from Liv-ex, Stripe, Wine-searcher system along with the Single page application. Successfully combining all these elements without delays and ensuring prompt functionality is a significant achievement for our team. 

Customer Success

Upon successful implementation of the solution, the client experienced significant improvements in their online business operations. It includes:

User-Friendly Admin Control Panel: Authorized administrators can effortlessly make real-time updates without the need for coding expertise. 

Product Discovery via Wine-searcher: The product details in the web app are shared with the Wine-searcher system, making it easier for buyers to discover products and increase sales.

Lightning-Fast Single-Page Application: This approach reduces page loading time, making the website lightning-fast and incredibly responsive.

Guest User Convenience: Non-registered users can easily add products to their cart, boosting customer engagement. Upon logging in, their selected items are transferred to their cart, ensuring that wish-listed products are not overlooked.

Key Achievements: 

60% increase in the rate of user engagement in web app

40% of web app traffic is redirected through the Wine-searcher system connection 

Way Forward 

Our web app development project successfully addressed the client’s challenges by creating an admin dashboard that simplified website management, integrated external platforms, and enhanced the user experience. As a result, the customer experienced a high level of operational efficiency. Jobin & Jismi yet again displayed their commitment to delivering innovative and effective web solutions tailored to our clients’ unique needs.