Create New Accounts Via SCA Form Extension


Create new accounts via SCA form Extension maintains the user to create edible space to access the details of the customers through forms. Hence, this extension helps you in creating and designing a policy page for domestic customers as well as creating forms to get customers' information.  The policy page for domestic customers has 3 forms.

They are:

  • Shipping/billing details
  • Social media, Marketing Service and Email preference
  • Main contact and billing contact button in response to adding additional contact for domestic and international customers.

Advanced features

  1. Accessing customer details
  2. Policy page for domestic customers
  3. Customer information

Capabilities and benefits of Create new accounts via SCA form 

This extension creates additional benefits for the SuiteCommerce Advanced websites to access the consumer's details.  And this will let the user have contact with them through this form. The extension sets additional functionalities to fetch the details from the customers. This will be done through multiple forms. Moreover, these forms can cater to the following information including billing/shipping details. similarity, adding details like Social Media, Marketed Service, Email preferences, add main contact and billing contact and an additional button for adding the contacts of domestic and international customer details.

This enhances the trade through the SCA website. Therefore, the user can gather data. likewise, they can process the data later and gather information.  They can use the same for analyzing. Furthermore, the user can develop strategical marketing techniques for a better advantage.

Installation and procedure

We have created this extension for one of our clients s and you can contact us for installing the extension in your eCommerce website.