How to display Accounts Payable Balance Report in MS Excel


A leading American real estate agency and one of our clients has become the focus of many institutions as Ethereum is offering a way to add improved levels of liquidity (tokens) to the notoriously illiquid realty industry.


Our client wanted us to display the result of the subsidiary-wise amount of the Accounts Payable (AP) balance report in MS Excel. They wanted the result in Excel without opening it in NetSuite, and any changes in the latter must be reflected in the spreadsheet as well.  


To display the report in Excel, our developers created a similar saved search in NetSuite and kept it in a Suitelet. A URL is generated in the Suitelet to connect to an external system. The external URL is linked with Excel and the result is loaded there as well.  

There are two fields in a custom record for security purposes. While one is for storing the saved search ID, the second one is for storing a secret key. It can be loaded when attached to a link and only then can the search be loaded. That is how an authentication option is added.


Our client met was able to successfully view the AP balance report in MS Excel instead of opening it in NetSuite in real time. We were able to customize the cloud-based solution to suit the requirements of our customer. 

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