GEL Courier Integration with NetSuite


One of our UK-based clients is a leading luxury furniture designer, and they seek to inspire, delight, and bring people together outside. Their focus is on the design and creation of luxury outdoor furniture. All of their iconic designs incorporate the colors of the natural world and entice people to gather with their friends and families in luxury at any time of the day. 

They work with internal and external designers. Each designer has their own unique vision and background, empowering us to develop inspirational pieces.  


Our client required us to create a corresponding shipment in GEL for each Item Fulfillment (IF) in NetSuite. It is a shipment control platform. Shipment will be created when the IF status changes from PICKED to PACKED. IF details will be sent to GEL when an IF is packed in NetSuite. So, our client required us to create a shipment with GEL.  


In order to create the shipment, the IF’s status is first picked. When they pack it, a user event script is triggered. We will send the IF’s details to GEL using a URL. As a response, GEL will return the encoded PDF data for label printing. We will store the label as a file in NetSuite in a custom field. When we make a request to GEL, we will receive a response in the form of a “shipping label,” which is a type of PDF. This shipping label is kept in the file cabinet and created a folder and stored there. We have a subtab called GEL Integration in which there are three custom fields to store the request send to GEL, response from GEL and a hyperlink field which will store the link of shipping label PDF from file cabinet.  


The benefit of creating an item fulfillment (IF) detail for a shipment in GEL is that it is shipping integration, so clients can integrate it. Otherwise, when they manually create an IF, they have to manually add details in GEL. Now they can do it automatically.  


It was difficult to understand the response, because the response was in German. Even values are not able to get even with the translator. This was challenging.  


Our client met the requirements successfully by implementing Item Fulfillment (IF) details of the shipment in GEL. 

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