NetSuite Amazon Shipment Integration


The NetSuite - Amazon integration does wonders in terms of improved visibility and operational ease across areas like shipment, tracking, order fulfillment, etc. In this case study, we will discuss in detail about how NetSuite can notify Amazon regarding shipment details. 

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One of our US based clients had a custom requirement in the NetSuite-Amazon integration. They already had the NetSuite-Amazon integration in place, meaning – whenever an order is requested in Amazon, a Sales Order is automatically created in NetSuite. 

In NetSuite, once the Sales Order (SO) is created, the process moves to Item Fulfillment next. Here, Amazon needs to be notified regarding the movement of the shipment once it is initiated. So that Amazon can track the shipment efficiently. 


Normally all processes mentioned above are automated because of the volume of the orders (Bulk orders). It is important to note that an ‘order’ is shipped on the basis of various parameters, namely: 

1. Type of the box 

2. Weight of the box

But the challenge here was that – each box has a different tracking number and it would be impossible to know which box has which item inside. 

To summarise the challenge:

Earlier when the item was shipped – the information that the “item is shipped ”was sent to amazon automatically.  After the issue of multiple tracking numbers –  automation was removed and orders had to be manually updated. 


Developers at Jobin & Jismi proposed a solution to create a “Create Amazon Shipment” button in the Item Fulfillment (IF) record. With the click of this button, shipment details can be sent to Amazon. 

Since automation was out of the question – creating a custom button in the IF record was the most viable solution for sending shipment information. 

Let’s understand the solution in detail. 

On the NetSuite fulfillment page,  the end-user (client) can view all the information regarding the shipment details like the tracking number, package type, etc on the ‘package subtab’

In most cases, the item can be mapped and the item details will be revealed to the end-user through the package tab. But in some instances like: 

• Multiple tracking numbers 

• Difference in the weight of the boxes 

• Variation in the size of packing boxes 

The end-user has to manually update the details and then click on the “Create Amazon Shipment” button for sending the shipment information. 


It is important to note here that the shipment details will automatically be generated on the package subtab. But if the criteria don’t match or the mapping is wrong – the system notifies the NetSuite end-user regarding the changes to be made on the button click. 

Our client was satisfied with the custom solution which enabled them to monitor the shipment detail and change the details if necessary. 

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