Happay Integration with NetSuite


Happay is a pioneer of business spend management automation. It is a third-party solution that helps in recording employee expenses on a single platform. This cloud-based platform employs cutting-edge technologies such as AI, machine learning, and mobility.

One of our clients, a front runner in SAP automation, Cloud Transformation, and Cloud Migration from Bengaluru, India, had a requirement to integrate Happay with NetSuite for creating the Expense Report


Our client wants us to integrate the business spend management platform Happay with NetSuite in order to facilitate the recording of employee expenses in their enterprise. 


Our experts analyzed the requirements and integrated Happay with NetSuite. They connected the Happay data store with NetSuite via API. When the data entered by the user receives approval, the final expense report is made in NetSuite. The API script creates only one expense report per request.   


Our developers faced difficulty in whitelisting IP addresses on NetSuite.


With the NetSuite-Happay integration, helps our client to reduce manual and double-entry expense information.

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