NetSuite Collaboration Customization


One of our clients is a Canadian firm in the Energy & Power Quality Optimization business


The firm had a few custom requirements in NetSuite. After switching from ‘Teamwork’ (project management software) to NetSuite, our client planned on customizing NetSuite to manage their processes.  

Their prerequisite was to shift the processes, forms and activities they were performing in Teamwork to NetSuite. They wished to add the Contractor Health and Safety form and the Pre-Commencement Checklist form to NetSuite.  

Secondly, they wanted a custom arrangement to track the activity status of their opportunity record.




Creating a custom record in Vendor recordOur developers suggested creating a custom record in Vendor Record. 

They initially set up a custom record called ‘Contractor Health and Safety Agreement’ in the ‘vendor record’. Our experts created this custom record as per the fields and labels of the client. Through this label, the NetSuite user can enter all the details necessary. 

The experts at Jobin & Jismi have made a change to the custom record. This change adds a checkbox. The checkbox allows users to easily select the ‘TO BE EMAILED’ option.   

NetSuite sends a personalized PDF to the vendor when the user fills a NetSuite custom record  

It is also possible to select multiple vendors if necessary.


Once the form is submitted, a corresponding custom record is created in NetSuite and the form created is sent to the vendor. The user can view the filled-out forms of the vendor in the subtab associated with the vendor record.

Customizing Opportunity record

Our client required the ‘Pre-commencement Checklist’ form to be included in the opportunity record. This is so that the NetSuite user could send the checklist to the vendor whenever an opportunity is created. 

New/existing vendors are selected under the field ‘SUBCONTRACTORS’ (refer the image), and the New Contractor Health and Safety Agreement form is sent to the vendor. The checklist is sent to the vendor as an ‘online form’ and the vendor can edit these forms and fill them without NetSuite access. Once the vendor submits the form, a custom record gets created in NetSuite containing all the information that they entered. This also gets attached to both the vendor and opportunity records. Our developers made this possible with the help of the script.  

Refer the image below for better understanding.

Project Status Field Update 

The project status field was created so that our client (NetSuite user) can easily track the status of their project in the opportunity record. In default NetSuite setting, there are only 3 statuses for the opportunity record – open, closed, closed Won. The user cannot track further details like shipment tracking or invoice creation in the opportunity record. Since our client planned to track the whole project status from opportunity open to billing our developers improved on their solution. They provided the option to track the whole process, from when the opportunity is created, till the invoice is billed in this opportunity record. 

Through the creation of ‘PROJECT STATUS’ field in the opportunity record, the NetSuite user can track the progress of the whole project. This field automatically updates according to the values of sales orders and invoices. The project status field updates every 2 hours.

Refer to the image below to view the project status field. 


Our experts devised the right solutions that aligned with the client’s requirements. We could easily introduce and customize the processes and forms from Teamwork in NetSuite.  

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