13 Jun, 2023

The Importance of Cloud CRM in Your Business

As businesses are exploring ways to stay competitive, customer relationship management (CRM) is of importance. A CRM can manage customer interactions and relationships throughout the customer lifecycle. This begins during initial lead generation and extends until post-sale support and retention.   

CRM helps with lead management by creating and nurturing leads to help convert them into customers. It simplifies the sales process, facilitates quote generation and enables the attainment of sales targets.   

As businesses grow, managing customer relationships can become increasingly complex. Keeping track of customer interactions, sales leads, and other important data is a daunting task. Especially for small and medium-sized businesses with limited resources. That is where cloud CRM gains significance.   

Cloud CRM is a software application that benefits businesses. It allows firms to manage and analyze customer interactions and data in a centralized location. This technology transforms the way businesses manage their customers. It also provides a cost-effective solution for enterprises of all sizes.

CRM Helps Businesses Stay Competitive 

Your company's CRM serves as the central hub and focal point. It is responsible for managing client relationships and providing insights into the firm's future sustainability and growth potential.  

To remain competitive, business managers must strive to be more agile and efficient in their daily operations. Manual processes and spreadsheet-based systems are obstacles hindering growth.  

That is why businesses are increasingly adopting automated front-office processes. By doing so they streamline their operations and remain competitive.

Oracle NetSuite CRM for Business Growth 

If you have an expanding business, then it is the right time to implement a cloud-based CRM system. A solution like NetSuite can assist you in efficiently increasing your operations. Here are some reasons why NetSuite is much preferred by companies.

A CRM Leads to Improved Customer Satisfaction

Implementing a CRM system results in an enhanced level of customer satisfaction. This is crucial for the success of any business. A well-planned CRM implementation and utilization strategy can achieve it. 

Better collaboration among teams in a company ensures timely fufillment of customer requirements and orders. This ultimately results in improved customer satisfaction and positive feedback. The net result is increased productivity and efficiency in all operations. 

A Cloud-Based CRM Solution 

With NetSuite CRM, you can monitor the customer’s journey in real-time, from a lead to a prospect and then to a client. This gives you accurate metrics on the effectiveness of your lead generation tactics.    

This solution allows your sales team to input their orders directly into the system. This makes the fulfillment process smooth and efficient.

The CRM capabilities of NetSuite consist of: 

Lead and Opportunity Management: NetSuite allows you to manage leads and track opportunities throughout the sales cycle. This is possible right from the initial contact to the close.

Sales Forecasting and Pipeline Management: With NetSuite, you can track sales forecasts and manage your sales pipeline more effectively.

Marketing Automation: This solution offers marketing automation tools for executing and tracking campaigns. It also helps segment your customer base and generate leads. 

Customer Service Management: NetSuite provides tools for managing customer service interactions, including case management, knowledge management, and self-service portals.

Order Management and Fulfillment: The cloud solution helps you manage orders, inventory, and fulfillment processes. You can also streamline operations and improve customer satisfaction. 

Mobile Access: The software offers mobile apps for iOS and Android devices. It allows you to access CRM data and manage customer interactions on the go. 

Analytics and Reporting: It provides real-time analytics and reporting capabilities. The solution also allows you to track sales performance, customer behavior, and other key metrics.

NetSuite CRM & ERP 

When selecting a suitable CRM for your business, it is crucial to consider the implementation process. If you purchase a standalone CRM, you may incur significant expenses for integrating it with your existing ERP system. Additionally, adding this to your established system after implementation can be a time-consuming task. One can undertake these types of add-ons at the outset when implementing the system.

With Oracle NetSuite CRM, you can save both time and money. It comes with NetSuite’s other features such as NetSuite financials. This will enable your company to operate efficiently without any significant interruptions. With NetSuite’s cloud-based CRM, you can have your back-office and front-office systems running without adding to your timeline.

Full Access (Anytime, Anywhere) 

Your teams get total access to NetSuite’s extensive mobile platform. It facilitates the utilization and availability of iPhones, iPads, Androids, and other mobile gadgets. This helps team members to stay informed about current business developments and operational updates. 

You can remotely access and modify crucial customer and sales data. Your teams can also input their time and expenses for ongoing projects. It also has a feature that enables them to effortlessly snap and attach pictures of receipts. 

Incentive Management Capabilities 

The CRM platform of NetSuite has a feature for managing incentives that is fully functional. This feature enables your salesforce to seamlessly incorporate employee commissions into the accounting software as your team grows.

With this feature, you will have access to various tools to assist you and your sales team in:

Designing and updating commission plans. 

Monitoring their commission earnings in real-time. 

Having the freedom to allocate sales commissions to salespeople and partners. 

Supervising a global sales team with diverse reporting requirements and currencies and numerous other benefits. 

In conclusion, cloud CRM offers growing businesses a powerful and cost-effective solution for managing customer relationships. Scalability, accessibility, real-time data synchronization, and affordability make cloud CRM essential for all businesses. The solution helps them to streamline their customer interactions and drive growth.

A successful project depends on having an appropriate ERP implementation partner and team. Jobin & Jismi has been implementing NetSuite since 2012. We can assist you in setting up one of the most efficient and functional CRM systems available on the market. Reach out to us today.