NetSuite Planning In A Box Integration


Our client approached for developing a SuiteApp which will integrate the inventory of NetSuite with Planning in a Box (PIAB). This integration makes Inventory Management easy. This integration helps to plan their demand and supply for retailers.

NetSuite allows their customers to develop their own SuiteApps to meet specialized requirements. These SuiteApps are supported and distributed by NetSuite. They are developing on Suitecloud platforms. Our android professionals create a SuiteApp Planning In A Box to help our client to meet their requirements.


SuiteApps are applications that help our client to meet their business needs. They extend Netsuite functions into use within specific industries. Our client requirement was to create a SuiteApp which synchronizes Netsuite and PIAB inventories. They required a center tab in the NetSuite Planning in a Box function which has two sub-tabs;  Excesses or Shortages and configuration for their business processes.

Challenges of integration of NetSuite ERP with Planning In A Box

The main difficulty in developing NetSuite with PIAB integration is that of adding the API calls for excesses in the suitelet. Suite app procedures for external website integration was complex while doing this integration.

Our solution for the Integration of Netsuite ERP with PIAB

Our expert developer team creates a SuiteApp that allows successful integration between NetSuite and PIAB. For implementation, they create a menu named Planning in a Box in NetSuite Menu bar. We use certain NetSuite customization techniques to achieve the goal.

Integration Process

By using NetSuite Customization, our team displays the results from the custom record. For that, they use Suitescript Saved search functionalities of Netsuite. The saved search is used for retrieving the data

For the successful implementation of this, our team uses other scripts like Communication Suitelet and scheduled scripts. It adds the API call for excesses in the suitelet with either a daily or weekly manner of scheduled scripts. We are adding a refresh button in the suitelet script and reload the scheduled script for displaying the custom record list. Doing the first installation it automatically loads the configuration without clicking the tab in NetSuite Menu Bar.


Planning in a Box is a supply chain planning and scheduling system. It’s a cloud-based system that tightly integrates with NetSuite which gives an idea of the inventory systems. This integration provides information on excesses and shortages in the Inventory system. We provide a SuiteApp for the successful integration of NetSuite PIAB. We are creating a NetSuite form with sub-list of the data.

The SuiteApp is for synchronizing the inventory for NetSuite ERP and PIAB and helps our client to expand their business and manage it effectively.

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