Evaluate Real-Time Shipping Rate with NetSuite-Cerasis Integration


Client Portfolio

An authorized online dealer of over 300 manufacturers headquartered in New York, USA, had approached us to integrate Oracle NetSuite with Cerasis for live shipping rate calculation through the  GlobalTranz system. It offers rapid and dependable transportation service dealing with major modes of freight to shippers of all sizes. Cerasis is GlobalTranz's eleventh acquisition and is a logistics provider that specialises in Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) freight management.

Problem Statement

Our client used to calculate shipping rates in NetSuite by fetching the item details from the cart page and retrieving the freight rate information from the UPS (United Parcel Service) system. They wanted to automate the process with Cerasis for getting live rates on the website instead of the UPS and to calculate multiple item shipping cost on a single platform.

What We Suggested 

We undertook NetSuite-Cerasis Integration to address the client’s requirements. Once the product was added to the cart, it was synced with Cerasis and the user could see the shipping rates throughout the checkout process on their website. Our solution involved the following steps: 

1. Product Sync with NetSuite: The product information initially syncs with NetSuite and the eCommerce website, ensuring proper data transfer. The information is then used to calculate shipping rates with Cerasis.  

2. Item Type Identification: Items added to the cart would be sent back to the NetSuite system for item type identification. This would determine the appropriate shipping rates based on categories such as Free Shipping, Non-Freight and Freight, thereby calculating the applicable rate.

3. Freight Management with Cerasis:The item details are seamlessly shared with Cerasis for efficient freight estimation. It helps optimize shipping coordination, ensuring cost-effective and reliable delivery options.

4. Single Display of Total Shipping Amount: To enhance user experience and clarity, even when multiple items are in the cart, we simplified the checkout page by displaying only the total shipping amount. This provided a clear and concise overview of the shipping cost for the entire order.

Implementing an integration between NetSuite, Cerasis, and eCommerce platform for live ship rate calculation can be highly beneficial. However, it comes with several potential challenges and considerations.

Ensuring that product information and shipping rates are accurately synchronized in real-time between the NetSuite and eCommerce platform can be challenging. Any discrepancies can lead to incorrect shipping cost calculations.

Managing various product categories, such as freight, non-freight, and free shipping items, involves calculating and displaying the total shipping cost.

Customer Success 

By implementing GlobalTranz Integration, the client achieved several key benefits which include: 

Accurate and Transparent Shipping Costs: Clients benefit from accurate and transparent shipping cost calculations. They can be sure that the displayed rates are up-to-date and reflective of their specific order, which builds trust and reduces surprises at checkout. 

Enhanced User Experience: Our integration simplifies the checkout process by displaying a single total shipping amount, reducing complexity and potential confusion.

Customization and Flexibility: The integration offers customization options to accommodate specific shipping rules which are added to their existing process, ensuring that it will not affect existing transactions. 

Key Achievements: 

Real-time shipping rate updates

Single Source for multi-type cost calculation

Improved checkout visibility 

Way Forward 

We are dedicated to ensuring customer happiness, and we always strive to make sure our integration matches what our clients expect. Our integrated solution for live ship rate calculation is designed to make the ordering and shipping process as smooth and transparent as possible, offering support, flexibility, and security to enhance overall customer experience.