Sales Order Tax-Free Certificate Extension


The Sales Order Tax-Free Certificate extension allows the eCommerce websites developed on the SCA platform to offer validation of the tax-free certificates of the customer while purchasing goods and services from a website. If the customer is eligible for a Tax-free purchase, then they can upload a certificate on the checkout page of the eCommerce website. This Sales Order Tax-Free certificate extension validates the same in NetSuite Back-end. If the customers are eligible to receive the tax redemption, then they can purchase the goods tax-free. It can be applied to customers from any country with a valid tax redemption certificate. The customers from B2B industry environments can be the real beneficiaries.

A tax-free certificate or tax exemption certificate enables customers of your eCommerce website to claim exemption from paying tax on the sales. The certificate will have a validity period and this extension can verify the date range and validity of the certificate.

In our case, this extension helps the users to upload the tax certificate to the site and if the certificate is valid, the system allows the customer to have tax-free purchase from the site for their future transactions. The best advantage of this extension is for the website owners. The Sales Order Tax-Free Certificate extension eliminates the redundancy and complexity while the tax return processes. This extension removes the complexity in return filing as well as enhances easiness in bulk order placing.

With this extension for SCA website, users can:

1. Mark the order tax-free during the checkout process.

2. Can upload tax-free certificate to the website. It is then saved to NetSuite with the sales order.


Sales Order Tax Free Certificate extension Capabilities and Benefits

The Sales Order Tax Free Certificate extension helps the the SuiteCommerce Advanced website user can place tax free sales order. If the user has already checked the Tax free checkbox and did not upload the certificate, then the website will pop up a certificate upload user interface and the user can upload the certificate. This functionality ease both the customer and vendor from complex tax calculations and functions.

 Installation and procedure

The installation of this Sales Order Tax Free Certificate extension to an SCA website creates two fields in the sales order in order to maintain the certificate upload and store the document. Please contact us to get this innovating Sales Order Tax Free Certificate extention to be enabled in your SCA website.