How NetSuite-Powered B2B Portal Simplifies Customer Orders


Client Portfolio

One of our clients is a leading sporting goods Manufacturing company based in Brooklyn, New York. Established in 2011, they produce bikes that are vibrant, stylish and comfortable. They derive inspiration from the streets of Brooklyn. They focus on sustainability, performance, and comfort in every detail of their bikes.  



The American client wanted us to create a B2B Portal. They wanted us to configure the process of placing and managing customer orders within a B2B environment using NetSuite.

Problem Statement

The client wanted us to create a B2B Portal through which their vendors could place orders. They had built connections and sub customers through their NetSuite system. To simplify order placement, each of them required their own login access.    

Only those who place orders on behalf of the firm can view their orders based on hierarchy. Customers placing orders should see their sub customers’ orders.  

On the other hand, sub-customers will only see their own orders. The client wanted this hierarchical structure for order placement. Furthermore, they also wanted to track individual order placements and give their contacts the option to place orders

What We Suggested

Our team of experts analyzed the requirement in detail before coming out with a solution. They developed the portal as mandated and oversaw its implementation and design.  

They were able to ensure a seamless ordering process for customers. The experts securely managed login authentication by integrating it with NetSuite’s backend providing password resetting options. 

The experts were able to incorporate all the standard website features. They included authentication, password reset, customer order placement, category selection, and user-friendly navigation. They also designed distinct panels for presenting unique offers.  

We created their website, harnessing data from NetSuite’s backend. They were able to retrieve all NetSuite data and display it on the B2B Portal’s front-end.  

NetSuite mirrors all the changes made on the website. So, the system updates the stock levels immediately during order submission.  


Customer Success

The skilled team at Jobin & Jismi adeptly met the client’s requirements. We developed the entire website to facilitate this B2B process. This seamless integration ensured data accuracy, reduced manual efforts, and enhanced the customer experience.

Here are some potential benefits: 

Seamless Business Operations: The integration between the website and NetSuite has streamlined their operations. NetSuite automatically creates orders placed on the website. This eliminates manual steps.

Reduced Human Intervention: The changes eradicate unnecessary human involvement in business processes. This results in smoother operations and reduced chances of error.

Time Saving: The client now saves time by eliminating the need to send emails or make phone calls for order placement. They can conveniently check product availability through the user-friendly portal.

Enhanced Visibility: The portal allows them to view stock availability and product photos. Clear product categorization ensures accurate selections.

Way Forward

Jobin & Jismi’s adept assistance led to a successful outcome. The B2B Portal streamlined operations, reducing errors, and saving time. We provided improved visibility and user-friendly features which enhanced the client’s efficiency and experience. The seamless integration between the website and NetSuite ensured accuracy