How NetSuite Simplifies Website Auto-Login and Access Management

Cosmetics Suppliers | UAE


Client Portfolio

A UAE-based company, which is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers in the health and beauty industry, came to us with a request to simplify its B2B login process. The firm, which is more than three decades old, also wanted us to come up with an email template for their partners that allows them to log in.

Problem Statement

The manufacturer-supplier was looking for a more secure and convenient method to manage access to their partners on the SCA (SuiteCommerce Advanced) website. They required a solution that would eliminate the need to share usernames and passwords with users during the B2B login process while providing administrators with efficient control and revocation of access through NetSuite. 

What We Suggested 

The in-house team of professionals came up with a solution that involves the automatic creation of customer records in NetSuite when users sign up to access the firm’s SCA website. After creating an account, an email is sent for administrator approval. Once approved, the customer receives a mail with a secure and automatic login. The development includes the following steps:

Customer Record in NetSuite: Customer records are automatically generated in Cloud ERP software based on the data provided by the user during website partner account creation. Initially, the information is stored without providing access to the customer. 

Access Confirmation:The administrator or specified roles in NetSuite can grant access to the user by checking the associated fields, and a notification will be shared. 

Email Template:An email template is created for efficient user interaction. Once the administrator confirms the access, an email with this template is sent to the customer. It contains a ‘Visit my account’ button. By clicking the button, the user is redirected to the site for automatic login.

Secured Credential Handling:Strict security measures are in place to ensure the safe transmission and storage of login credentials, eliminating the need for password sharing, reducing security risks, and enhancing data protection.

The login credentials will only be shared when partners create their accounts for the first time. B2B partners undergo pre-communication checks for verification, and then an email is sent to them. Subsequently, they have the option to reset their password for future logins if they wish to access their accounts without using the direct link. 


Customer Success

The implementation of our solution in their SCA website resulted in several key achievements:

Improved Security: Users were no longer required to share or remember their login credentials, reducing the risk of unauthorized access or security breaches.

Efficient Administration: Administrators could confirm, deny, or revoke access to the SCA website directly through NetSuite, simplifying user management.

Enhanced User Experience: The ‘Visit my account’ email button simplified the login process, reduced manual processes and improved website engagement.

Customized Email Templates: The development of personalized email templates made communication with B2B customers more engaging and informative.

Key Achievements: 

Secure and user-friendly access management 

Efficient administrative control in NetSuite

Enhanced user engagement through personalized emails 

Elimination of password-sharing risks

Way Forward 

The implementation of auto-filling email and password on the login page of our client’s SuiteCommerce Advanced website from an email significantly improved the security and user experience of the portal. This solution not only simplified access management for NetSuite administrators but also eliminated the need for users to share or remember passwords. With custom email templates, communication with customers became more engaging and informative. Our team of experts will assist you with your specific requirements. Connect with us today to discuss your unique needs and take your business to new heights.