Enable NetSuite Mobile; Make Your Work More Easier

NetSuite Mobile is one of the features that are left unnoticed and under utilised by many users. NetSuite mobile is time saving and make accurate entries in expense areas. This mainly include two major parts such as Expense Report entry and Customer and Sales data updation.  This feature eliminates the chances of lost entry errors when the user adds expenses and the associated receipts in batches.

Expense Details are the strong pillars that assists the users to manage expenses and create expense reports. The entry contains an image of receipt and the related descriptions of the availed expenses. The user can add up to four images of an individual expense details. This will simplify the process of organising expenses of multiple items under one common category (example: Expenses like taxi charges, parking fares, or meals etc).

To Create an Expense Details:

1. Tap the "New Expense" icon on the Home Dashboard.

2. Click the icon of Camera Image.

3. Select an image and add to the details.

4. Add multiple images as required by clicking again on the Camera Image icon again (remember, the maximum is four).

5. Enter the description about the expenses in fields.

6. Click on the Done to save the Expense Details

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