17 Jul, 2020

Why Oracle NetSuite is the Best Choice for Your Business

NetSuite made a breakthrough in the ERP space by making their application a completely cloud-based solution. It is a unified platform that helps businesses to deal with diverse actions efficiently. They include ERP functions, CRM tools and eCommerce capabilities.   

The solution provides services to more than 33,000 organizations worldwide. It helps these organizations to run business and helps them understand their performance so they can focus on strategizing their growth.  

Strengths lead to business success. Here are some good reasons why you should consider NetSuite for your business. 

1. Customizations  

The primary feature of NetSuite is its moldability. It is completely customizable to meet the needs of  businesses. Organizations can build new functionalities, workflows, and process business demands according to their needs. End users can easily customize Forms, Fields, and Records themselves. 

2. Integration 

NetSuite can be integrated with any other third-party system easily. With this software, integrations can be done very easily with clinical precision and accuracy. Integrations enhance business performance and add great benefits to the business. 

3. Real-Time Data Visibility 

Users will get real time access to their data with NetSuite. With this feature, the firms can keep track of their inventory, customers, and employees anytime, anywhere.   

The business can record and analyze customer data such as contact information, purchase history and brand preferences, enabling better understanding of the customer’s behavior for informed business decisions in the future.   

Similarly, business leaders gain visibility into their inventory and pricing, so they never have to turn a customer away.  

Pending payment details of customers details are available and so it is easy to follow up.  

NetSuite has proven that it helps to improve sales productivity and generate revenue. 

4. Automation 

The solution can automate all the functions associated with the business. It will increase the effectiveness of business processes and promise results.  

5. Industry-Specific Features 

NetSuite has modules that cater to the needs of specific industries. Customers can mix and match the modules that meet their individual requirements, thereby making NetSuite scalable. 

6. Process Efficiency 

NetSuite can provide seamless integration of business processes. It pulls together order management, multiple revenue streams, financial consolidations, and many more into a unified platform.     

7. Better Decision Making

With this cloud ERP solution, companies can make informed decisions. Real-time data access, tracking and notifications enable quick and accurate decisions. Apart from this, with the SuiteAnalytics feature, firms can generate reports, analyze them, and gear up for future development.

8. Streamlined Billing 

NetSuite ERP streamlines billing processes. It functions across subscription, product, usage, and services. It can automate the order-to-cash process and revenue recognition via multiple channels by collecting real-time information. The solution allows companies to generate, transmit, and collect invoices across different streams.

9. Revenue Recognition 

The software can effectively manage complex revenue recognition processes. It can also address and solve complex revenue recognition challenges and help maintain compliance with international bodies. This comprehensive solution can avoid multiple entries and manual intervention during the revenue recognition process. 

10. Global Business Management 

With NetSuite OneWorld, you can run your business globally. This function manages multiple currencies and enables you to cross borders and do business with overseas customers.

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