Tips to Audit Changes of Enabled Features in NetSuite

Creating a search, filtered to System Notes for the ‘Enable Features’ record type is now easy. NetSuite provides a feature known as System Note saved search type. This is created with the help of fields available in this search type.

It becomes easy for the users to track the feature, its old value as well as a new value, change of date, and the person who changed as well as their roles.

• Setting up a saved search of type 'System Notes'
• Choose Record Type as 'Enable Features'
• Choose the required fields in the results tab
• Save & Run to view the changes

Points to Be Noted
Since system notes are not copied over during a Sandbox refresh it only shows your search changes that were made since the last refresh. This won’t be an issue as the user consider more about the changes in Production.

An administrator can only access this System Notes of all users and record types, which can set up in the search. If the user runs a search using non-admin roles, it only yields zero or incomplete results.

A NetSuite Admin can also monitor some other record types as well. for example, Company Preferences, Company Information, or Time Zone changes. There will be a complete list of supported record types in the Record Type values.