Top 4 NetSuite Hacks

Following are some useful tips for you that might come in handy while you use NetSuite. These tips can make your NetSuite experience smoother.

1. Email Signatures

To include your signature on emails you send out of NetSuite.

Go to Home > Set Preferences.
The General subtab is displayed by default.
In the User Profile section, in the Signature field enter your Email Signature.


2. Rename Records and Transactions

To rename records or transactions

From the Setup tab menu choose Setup > Company > Rename Records/Transactions
Make any terminology changes you want


3. E-mail Multiple Addresses

We can email multiple people from a transaction record by entering a semicolon between email addresses.

4. Checking NetSuite System Status

If we are unable to access the NetSuite user interface (at, you can check on system status at another site, This site is available even if the NetSuite UI is experiencing a service interruption or downtime.

The status page includes the following sections:

• Current Status

• Recent Posts

• Past 7 Days