netsuite project rescue & recovery

NetSuite Implementation Rescue Service

Inadequate internal preparations, limited implementation design and requirement analysis, ignorance of NetSuite capabilities, and unprofessional implementation approach can lead to ERP implementation failure. Troubled NetSuite ERP implementation needs quick interference from experts to rescue the total process. Believe us; NetSuite cloud ERP is a very good product. It has tremendous capabilities and its flexibility to customization is impeccable. Only the implementation went wrong; not the product. We are here to help you!

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5 point checklist

1. Frequent missing of the timeline.
2. Irrational questions from the Implementation team.
3. Frequent update in previously defined scope and BRD (a reasonable update is mandatory and acceptable, of course).
4. Unavailability of your business/subject matter expert at the disposal of the implementation team.
5. Initiation of implementation without properly understanding the exact business process of the customer.
6. The sixth, but the most important, as a client YOU ARE NOT GETTING THE BUSINESS VALUE YOU EXPECT!

Organizations attempt to undertake implementation themselves due to the ease of using cloud ERP. As the implementation progresses, stakeholders would understand that the product is not aligned with the actual business processes of the organization and misunderstanding evolves about with the capabilities of the NetSuite modules. Trust us; our NetSuite implementation rescue team can help you now. Troubled ERP implementation needs quick interference from experts to rescue the total process. Frustrated clients are inclined to move away from NetSuite.

NetSuite Health check is our first milestone

To begin with, NetSuite Implementation Rescue team of Jobin & Jismi try to communicate with the current implementer strictly with your presents. If it is not possible, we first revisit the implementation scope and align it with the business requirement. Our NetSuite consultant along with functional consultant review the existing scope documentation and Business Requirement Document (BRD) if readily available or prepare these documents if not available. That is our cornerstone.

Our team evaluates the current state of implementation against the scope and BRD to understand the glitches and report it to you.

Gap fit Analysis is the second milestone

This is an optional but recommended milestone. Our functional team analyses and identify those business processes that are not aligned in Netsuite effectively. We will inform you if there is a similar or better functionality available in NetSuite before we identify a process as Gap. Our NetSuite customization team proposes a solution to fill Gap. Our integration team will integrate your other sources of data to NetSuite so that you can have single source of truth.

Proper implementation is the third milestone

In this significant milestone, our team of experts will engage in detailed discussions with your team to understand your specific needs and challenges on top of the BRD. We will then establish a dedicated project management team along with the project steering committee to oversee the realignment or re-implementation of NetSuite at your organization. Our goal is to align NetSuite seamlessly with your business processes, ensuring that it operates in perfect harmony and provides you with real-time reports.

We also ensure that your dashboard is filled with sensitive real-time data for better decision making. This will empower you to make informed decisions quickly and efficiently, as you will have access to the most real time information at your fingertips. Rest assured that our experienced team will work diligently to ensure that your NetSuite implementation is a success. We will guide you through every step of the process, addressing any concerns or challenges along the way.

Together, we will maximize the potential of NetSuite and equip your organization with the tools and insights necessary for optimal business performance.