31 Aug, 2022

Choose eCommerce Solution That Fits Your Business

An eCommerce store can help you sell a wide variety of products and services. It also helps to grow your business, attract more customers and diversify revenue streams.  

In the rising economy, eCommerce has become an important factor of business strategy and a strong economic development booster.    

Today, regardless of the size of the business, around 31,000 customers spanning 200 countries are utilizing NetSuite. This is an ideal ERP for enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management (CRM), eCommerce, and universal operation management.      

As business enterprises are diverse, NetSuite delivers a wide variety of products to the market. Each product at separate stages of growth is essential for businesses. The complete NetSuite provides affordable, scalable and user-friendly cloud-based software.     

NetSuite ERP lets supply chain organizations trace the manufacturing and supplying of products in real-time. Areas including nonprofit, healthcare, hotels, education and construction utilize ERP solutions.     

Strong features dominate the cloud-based ERP. They include the ability to change the handling of sellers, fixed assets, billing and invoicing. The system presents clear data of transactions and ensures better management.    

When NetSuite manages key business functions, you are directly experiencing the benefits of the single, unified cloud platform. Without an engaging online experience, a business barely survives in the current digital environment.   

 Deciding which eCommerce solution fits your business is challenging. To simplify this challenge, this article details major NetSuite eCommerce Solutions and other eCommerce solutions.

NetSuite SuiteCommerce

SuiteCommerce is the innately unified eCommerce platform offered by NetSuite. In today's market, it is the most changeable platform that is available.     

It offers unified systems combining complete facets of digital sales. Building a main store for orders, customers, inventory data and linking it forms the base of the system.      

Accordingly, you gain visibility across the company's complete outlook. The Software enables companies with business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) eCommerce activity.    

This removes the need for numerous solutions. It changes your focus on Business to Business (B2B), Business to Commerce (B2C), or its blend. Employing configurable automation saves time through human resources. 

What Makes SuiteCommerce Different?  

This mobile responsive, user-friendly platform has a wide range of improvements and adaptation options without coding. This enables customers to make changes in a timely and affordable way. You can easily install it and it comes with pre-built templates and drag-and-drop editing capabilities.   

SuiteCommerce Advanced  

SuiteCommerce Advanced (SCA), the premier level of NetSuite's completely unified eCommerce solution for modern businesses. It integrates eCommerce with ERP and core processing systems, including inventory, order management, customer service, financials, and marketing.  

SuiteCommerce Advanced offers complete features of SuiteCommerce and grants developers access to source code. This offers the extra option of hiring developers or contractors to improve coding to meet your requirements.

You can obtain SuiteCommerce basic usability features completely. However, you gain access to extra customizing options.     

This option bears zero drawbacks. But it is wise to seek expert advice in NetSuite eCommerce. This helps them to choose the Advanced or the Standard edition. 


• SEO friendly

• Single-page architecture

• Supports B2B, and B2C customers

• Basically, linked with NetSuite


NetSuite SiteBuilder serves as a functional and fully changeable online store. Using this tool, you gain access to a cloud-based solution.     

It offers full control of sales, decides lifetime rates of customers, and self-service doors including shopping cart management. Additionally, deciding about products and eCommerce solutions increases the Return on Investment (ROI) per customer you serve. SiteBuilder automatically combines necessary metrics that assist in defining revenue related to each customer. In addition, you receive complete tools guiding client's shopping, including:

• Numerous payment options.

• Customer service portal helps answer queries.

• Customers' ability, handling numerous credit cards for payments.

• Options for customers to edit profile details effortlessly.

Altogether, SiteBuilder offers countless features to improve distinct parts of a firm's eCommerce experience. That includes handling purchases and multiple checkout flows. Therefore, we validate processes for the entire party.     

Apart from these platforms, numerous other eCommerce platforms that facilitate business growth are:

Adobe Commerce  

Adobe Commerce, previously known as Magento, offers world-class B2C and B2B shopping experiences. It has amazing features, global partners, a huge marketplace for extensions, and the ability to change anything you want. As it is quick and flexible, you can make an eCommerce site with a strong user experience (UX).

Major advantages:  

• Flexible Content Management System

• Very Strong and Spacious

• Advanced SEO

• Help with sales

• Great Safety

• Massive global community.

• Integration with third parties

• Filtered search.

• Add Ons and Plugins 


This is a cloud-based software-as-a-service eCommerce platform. Shopify grants access to the admin panel for a monthly fee. The store admins can enter information related to product inclusion and order processing.      

Shopify is ideal for eCommerce stores that require less setup for selling products or services. With a customized Shopify homepage section, you can easily sell one or a few products according to your needs. This improves Return on Investment (ROI) and increases revenue.

What Separates Shopify?  

• Flexibility and ease of use

• Allows unlimited products

• No limit on the quantity of products sold

• Offers unlimited bandwidth and online storage

• Offers Point of Sale (POS)

• Visually pleasing online store

• App Integrations

• Security and Reliability

• Fast loading speed

• Strong marketing tools

• Mobile responsiveness

• Outstanding customer support 

• SEO friendly

• Easy payments 

How Shopify Succeeded During Covid-19? 

Shopify experienced a rise in 2020 as Covid-19 turned most retail businesses digital. Easiness to use and simplicity attracted many businesses. The possibility to develop strong online stores without coding and technical knowledge made Shopify popular.     

Shopify allows users to personalize storefronts and count stocks. It also enables them to derive analytics and monitor analytics with the single click of a button.


WooCommerce is an adaptable, open-source WordPress plugin that lets develop an online store. A few clicks can transform the WordPress website into a completely functional eCommerce portal.    

What Does WooCommerce Do? 

WooCommerce comes with basic store features. A free plugin is attainable from the Plugin store or directly from your WordPress dashboard. It also offers some unique functions:

• Easy installation, setup, and integration

• Data control

• Numerous shopping cart features

• Full control of products

• Easy shipping

• Easier tax management

• Customer management

• Fully extendable

 Why Use WooCommerce?  

It's the clear option for WordPress e-commerce site, from usability to SEO, inventory control to mobile readiness!


This e-commerce solution allows business owners to create a store and sell their products online. They can set up and manage their online stores from anywhere if they have access to a web browser and the Internet. 

BigCommerce Includes customized models that can help you create a layout for your online store. You can use it to promote both material and digital items in your store. Furthermore, with a variety of tools, you will find it easier to market your brand.    

BigCommerce's basic customers are people who do not have much experience designing websites. However, it is a useful platform for technologically developed customers and developers.

Why is BigCommerce Beneficial to Online Stores?  

Having BigCommerce makes it simpler to keep track of your products, customers, and orders. It permits your customers to filter brands, classes, reviews, and so on. You can easily access and manage your products with the 'Quick Search Bar'.    

Furthermore, you will be able to divide your customers into separate groups based on pricing, promotions, and product access. Customize your store information tailored to the various customer segments in this platform.    

Detailed above are the major eCommerce solutions. Choosing the one that suits your business is important.

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