14 Jul, 2020

Features and Benefits of NetSuite CRM

CRM stands for customer relationship management. It is a business strategy, complies with diverse processes, and procedures in order to ease the relationship between business and their respective customers. It is a major technological tool to gain, maintain, and formulate a better business-customer relationship. The effective management of these relationships may result in increased profitability.

How does CRM help?

CRM software ensures an efficient working environment for enterprises. The objective is to enhance customer relationship including sales and customer service, marketing, and business development. Additionally, the business can organize inter-departmental communication, analyze processes, generate reports, and formulate strategies to gain business growth.

What CRM Software Offers?

1. Helps to store all customer information.
2. Efficient management of fragmented functions.
3. Tracking and recording of services issues and sufficient support.
4. Better Identification of sales opportunities.
5. Effective Management of marketing strategies including campaigns.

Benefits of Cloud-based CRM

A cloud-based CRM will ensure data accessibility from anywhere, across the world. And it helps to upgrade the system updates and enhancements. CRM is highly scalable and can be modified accordingly with enterprise growth. 

NetSuite offers powerful CRM with robust features. It provides 360-degree customer visibility with a multi-tenant architecture set up that saves the data in a secure way.  The application development structure of NetSuite makes it possible to propose and execute specific customization along with the development of applications necessary for operation. NetSuite CRM is highly demanded among thousands of industries. This is a trusted platform for many leading business entities in the world because of its ability to withstand powerful CRM capabilities.

Netsuite CRM Features

Some of the exceptional features of Netsuite CRM benefits are mentioned below:

• Case Management
• Campaign Management
• Opportunity Management
• Lead Management
• Knowledge Management
• Partner Relationship Management
• Customer Service Management
• Sales Forecasting
• Time Tracking
• Email Marketing
• Incentive Compensation
• Real-Time Dashboards
• Reporting and Analytics
• Time Tracking
• Customer Portal
• Customizable Mobile App
• SalesForce Automation
• Web to Lead Forms
• Marketing Automation

Top 9 Exciting Benefits of NetSuite CRM

NetSuite CRM has a number of benefits for the business organization amongst the top 9 benefits are featured here:

• NetSuite CRM process the modeling, changing, and monitoring.
• It helps to simplify the working process.
• 360-degree of customer visibility.
• Transparent work processes and Knowledge management.
• Comprehensive analytics of the business functions and efficient generation of reports.
• It increases Scalability, security, and mobile CRM access.
• Possess exhaustive collections tools for departmental collaborations.
• Enumerated reports highlighting sales.
• Capabilities for Case management to process unstructured processes.

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