24 Jul, 2019

NetSuite for Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry or the medical industry is tremendously important to people all around the world. Nowadays it is important to have a uniform and unique healthcare system in every country. This industry is one of the integrations of systems that provide goods and also services to help the treatment of patients. They provide support and care for patients with curative, preventive, rehabilitative, and palliative care. This industry consists of many sectors and depends on many factors to meet the essential healthcare of populations. As a result, NetSuite for healthcare plays an important role in the healthcare industry.

The first sector includes companies that provide medical equipment, medical supplies, and healthcare services. Secondly, the industry sector consists of companies that produce biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and miscellaneous scientific services. Pharmaceutical is nothing but the development and sale of medication. On the other hand, biotechnology opens an era of biological science and microbiology.

Furthermore, the Healthcare industry is one of the major industries in the world. It is the largest sector in both terms of revenue and employment. This industry comprises hospitals, medical devices, health insurance, and medical equipment. As a result, NetSuite services can integrate with healthcare industries to provide the essentials services for the treatment of patients.

Industry Integration with NetSuite ERP

NetSuite is a cloud-based ERP that targets high-growing business organizations. It automates processes like financial management, revenue management, inventory management, billing, order management, and fixed assets.

Major Benefits of NetSuite in Healthcare Industry

1. Improve visibility and transparency

2. Adapt to the changing healthcare landscape

3. Reduces operational cost

4. Improve customer service and management

5. Streamline healthcare processes

6. Financial planning and adopting best practices

A deep and clear understanding of business requirements is essential for the success of any program. NetSuite can play a vital role in the Healthcare industry and it can support various functions of this industry. Oracle NetSuite has 20+ years of experience in delivering ERP solutions to this industry particularly. In other words, NetSuite has inbuilt processes and procedures for Healthcare that is an industry and having best practices adopted for the same. It can have the capacity to adapt to the changing healthcare landscape. NetSuite can reduce cost and complexity. NetSuite-the cloud infrastructure- used by more than 20,000 organizations, including healthcare and life sciences and it, shows improved visibility.