How Jobin & Jismi NetSuite Rescue Service Saved a Healthcare NPO


Client Portfolio

A global healthcare provider and a leading Non-profit organization for Sexual and Reproductive health and Rights, had approached Jobin & Jismi to resolve several in-appropriations in their systems. 

They are led by a courageous and determined group of women, founded in 1952. Today, the great initiative is a movement of 120 autonomous members with a presence in over 146 countries. Their extensive work consists of all-inclusive sex education, the distribution of contraceptives, safe abortion, maternal care, and dealing with humanitarian crises. They pride themselves on being local through their members and global through their network. At the heart of their mission is the provision of advocacy for integrated healthcare for anyone who needs it, regardless of race, gender, sex, income, and crucially, no matter how remote. 

Volunteerism is key to their healthcare delivery. It underpins the major work of their members and their teams, whether through community outreach and distribution of contraceptive care or the regional Youth Action Movements championing change. 

Problem Statement

They have been using NetSuite since 2017 and have financials and projects with a user population of more than 300. They fall under the SRHR (Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights) sub-industry in the Non-profit sector. 

When they have a legacy of employees moving out with incomplete knowledge transfer along with a loosely coupled HR process, there are unused usernames left idle. This happened among the employees and vendors as well. An approval workflow controls their fund outflow, which had flaws in the approval hierarchy. The current in-house team was unable to identify the in-appropriations for a long time. 

Also, the Chart of Accounts was mixed up, and auditor queries kept increasing. The roles and definition of it were not clear, and it had duplications in many ways. The approval workflows in many important processes are not giving the organization the agility it desires to have. The management dashboards were not smart enough to bring out the right checkpoints for organizational reviews.  

What We Suggested

The professionals at Jobin & Jismi evaluated the requirements. With the support of the customer’s senior management, Jobin & Jismi consultants conducted a lengthy discovery effort with all key stakeholder groups from the top to bottom of the organizational hierarchy. 

We mapped out the business processes as desired and created role definitions as appropriate for the same. Defined and configured a clear Chart of Accounts as per the auditors’ requirement. Also, configure roles and their definition with clarity. We have created and updated the roles with people listed by the senior management as per the organizational hierarchy. This freed up many usernames that were not in use. The workflows were recreated and edited to bring transparency and agility to the organization, even with the increased number of transactions.  

The management dashboards were re-looked and reconfigured as per the data points that management would like to look at when considering the running of operations and even to make decisions for growth prospects.  

As per our standards, we documented the current system landscape with all significant details for senior management’s future use. 

Customer Success

With sponsorship from the senior management, we, Jobin & Jismi could bring in a clear return on their investmentssome of the notable points as below. 

• Customer could leverage their NetSuite product investments to the fullest with the minimum customizations.  

• The ERP system’s basics were put in place, including the Chart of Accounts, Role definitions, and access rights. This enabled the management to be confident in the system output.

• All standard dashboards and more so with self-service reports, it has started making sense to management, and they can take informed decisions on their operations in a real time manner.

• The time spent by the employees on identifying the in-appropriations is currently saved and utilized for other valuable tasks. 

• We could make their business processes simpler and transparent across.

Thus Jobin & Jismi facilitated a truly global Non-profit organization to revive their systems and put themselves back on the growth path.