26 Apr, 2022

SuiteAnalytics NetSuite 2022 Release 1

Rapid, variable access to data is important to make quick decisions but developing an analytics practice that can satisfy those demands needs tools that can boost your efforts. With NetSuite 2022 Release 1, SuiteAnalytics decreases the time and resources required to connect various NetSuite datasets with the use of the latest user interface. 

For instance, analysts and decision-makers generally have reporting and analysis requests that need various sources of data to be merged into a particular report or chart. And to attain the needs properly, report developers must write code to connect data and data objects together, which consumes time. This method also takes many backs and forth leaps between the developer and the requester and detains decision-making. If development assets are not obtainable, analysts must utilize spreadsheets to manually blend numerous datasets to carry out the analyses. Utilizing spreadsheets to connect datasets shows the same problems as writing code but also eliminates real-time data analysis and reduces data quality. 

NetSuite is distributing more previously developed analytics in the NetSuite Analytics Warehouse to decrease building expenses while boosting the time to value. These latest features provide business executives and analysts with more direct access to data and better quality analytics to take decisions. 

New User Interface for Dataset Linking

Evaluating numerous data sets in a particular SuiteAnalytics Workbook needs to write code using the Suite Script API. With NetSuite 2022 Release 1, SuiteAnalytics provides the latest, advanced user interface to connect numerous datasets to a particular workbook through moving the links. Business executives can link various datasets in their workbooks without requiring developer resources. Using this new interface, analysts can:  

• Utilize datasets more efficiently

• Make visualizations quicker with numerous datasets 

• Enable users to make their own multiple dataset workbooks

This latest user interface reduces the consumption of time and resources required to evaluate business operations in areas like budget vs. actual, forecast vs. actual, or planned vs. actual.

More Analytics for NetSuite’s Data Warehouse 

 Businesses observe the value of possessing a previously developed data warehouse and business intelligence solution that blends NetSuite and non-NetSuite data together to attain better insights into every data. But they also arose a demand that they need more prebuilt analytics!! 
With NetSuite 2022 Release 1, NetSuite Analytics Warehouse delivers more prebuilt analytics, including: 

• Extra six previously developed dashboards for sales, inventory, procurement, order management, financials, and consumer development.

• Additional three historical snapshot datasets for work orders, inventory, and expenditure reporting for rapid, point-in-time analysis. 

• Eighteen more transaction kinds, with the latest transaction kinds for employees and banking prepared for analysis 

• Custom areas for organizations and items are also incorporated in the NSAW data model now.

New NetSuite Analytics Warehouse Sales Overview dashboard 

Businesses that possess customized NetSuite including their own data entry forms will have every field automatically added and updated in each data warehouse refresh now. 

NetSuite has analytics solutions for organizations regardless of their position in their analytics journey. By 2022 Release 1, linking various datasets to a particular workbook is simple, rapid, and executed by anyone. 

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