26 Dec, 2021

Why NetSuite is the Best Cloud ERP?

NetSuite, the first cloud ERP founded by Evan Goldberg and reincarnated in 2002 as NetSuite from its original name Netledger. It supports the businesses to achieve growth and betterment by expertly evaluating the business processes. The software enables enterprises to manage all processes in a single system. Therefore NetSuite is considered to be the complete, comprehensive, riskless cloud ERP. Hence even though it is the oldest and has many competitors in the market, it stands out as the best cloud solution. There are many features which make NetSuite the best. They are:

Combining Business Processes Across the Enterprise

By implementing NetSuite, businesses can automate the key business processes across all departments comprising sales, finance, marketing, and purchasing with a particular platform. The workers need not have to eliminate the errors or cumbersome processes, have to re-enter data in different systems, rectify inconsistent and inaccurate data, or wait for batch updates. Rather, they can access and view the precise data in real-time, resulting in better collaboration between departments and improved productivity all over the business.

Better Decision Making

The business intelligence tools in NetSuite guide users in making finer decisions. This helps in understanding revenue recognition, figures and charts and has more effect on better decision making. Thereupon the companies achieve prestigious results which lead to increased growth and business welfare.


Every business has its own distinct operational process and customized software needs. The peculiar features of NetSuite permit each company to customize its own business requirements. This helps companies to include essential features to fulfill their requirements and enhance total performance. Developing new functions, personalizing and configuring software functions, expanding NetSuite to third-party applications, and dashboards.

Data Security

As NetSuite operates in the cloud, it has enterprise-grade security. One can manage the business from anywhere in the world. Data loss will no longer be a daunting factor for companies. Certain advanced features such as intrusion detection systems (IDS), worldwide data centers, role-based access, guarantees data security among customers and companies.  

Multilingual Capabilities

Nothing more disappointing than having an ERP which lacks multilingual capabilities. Between ERP-explicit vocabulary and industry-specific terminology, if the language used is not the native language of the user, it will lead to confusion and complication. 

NetSuite offers multilingual capabilities for mainstream languages resulting in effortless working with customers and providers around the world. French, German, English, traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, Spanish, Russian, and Japanese are mainstream  languages available in NetSuite. This offers an excellent service to international companies with branches in places outside English-speaking countries.

Flexible Price Packaging Based on the Business

NetSuite offers a flexible price packaging strategy. It has four tiers; NetSuite starter package, NetSuite BPO, NetSuite for the mid-market, and NetSuite Enterprise. The price varies based on the size of the business, number of NetSuite users needed, and professional goals.  

Biyearly Upgrades

NetSuite updates twice a year, which makes the system effective enough to fit in with the changes happening in technology and business day by day.     

To know more about the vast features offered by NetSuite ERP and its benefits, or how one can make use of it in business, contact or drop a message at contactus@jobinandjismi.com.  We at Jobin & Jismi implement, customize, administrate, and integrate NetSuite account and support in utilizing its whole productivity and consequently increasing the revenue.