3D Secure Authentication using Worldpay in SCA


One of our clients, a leading manufacturer of beverages from the United Kingdom, had a requirement for 3D secure authentication using Worldpay in Suite Commerce Advanced (SCA). 


Our client required an additional authentication for their payment process. For that, they required us to integrate 3D Secure Authentication with Worldpay to handle Strong Customer Authentication. The client was using SCA Elbrus version and NetSuite’s default 3D secure is not supported in this version. Therefore, they required a solution for that too.   

Worldpay is a leading provider of credit card processing and merchant services for businesses of all sizes. 3D Secure Authentication is an additional authentication step for the card payment process.  


In order to integrate 3D Secure Authentication using Worldpay in SCA, our developers installed Worldpay Suite bundles from NetSuite and integrated fields that connect Worldpay with NetSuite. After setting NetSuite Accounting Preferences and initial requirements, it is secure to handle payment through Worldpay as it offers 3D Secure Authentication. In order to fulfil the second requirement, we developed a customized solution for older versions who use Worldpay as payment gateway.  


Our experts met the requirements successfully. Through this integration the client benefits with extra security, and is able to avoid issues with transaction and security.