Building Customer Credit and Cash Accounts Terms in NetSuite

One of our clients in New Zealand who is a cool-chain packaging supplier, consulted us for a custom requirement to create an option for customers to apply for credit terms on their e-commerce. 


Our client required the development of a new section in the webstore through which the user can apply for credit terms and have default cash terms. This should be available as a tab in the user account, which if clicked should take the customer to fill out information to request credit. Our client required this custom development in all 3 domains (New Zealand – NZ, Australia – AU and the United States of America – US).  


In order to provide an option for the customers to apply for credit terms from the webstore, our team created an extension to develop the following functionality: 

1. When the customer signs in to the webstore, a tab named ‘Account Application” will be displayed in my account section

2. This new tab navigates to a page where the account application form provided will be displayed. At the bottom of the page, a button ‘Account Application’ will be displayed.

3. When the user clicks the ‘Account Application’ button, an email will be sent to a specific email id containing the details of the form. 

4. Our developers also created a new email template for this email as the form includes multiple fields. 

5. Both NZ and AU contain the same fields, a single email template was made but since the US domain is different, we styled a new email template. 


The customization was successful and our client reaped the complete benefits. Our client’s customers in all 3 domains now enjoy a seamless web experience backed by NetSuite.  

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