Email Automation with NetSuite Dunning Module


Client Portfolio

A US-based electronics company came across a similar requirement. As a successful business organization, the client deals with many customers. 

The company has a collaborative culture that influences people to keep a signature on their work. Their teams associate with various departments to constantly invent and renovate. They also strive to offer good products, services, and information to their worldwide customers.

Problem Statement

One of the integral parts of an organization that influences its business success is the customer base. The customer found it really tedious and time-consuming to send innumerable emails to multiple customers. They had but no option other than sending emails to inform them of the due dates of receivables.    

Using NetSuite, one can do the same by providing a due date along with the invoice to gain revenue on time. On the due date, the system automatically sends emails to the customer, a process known as Dunning.    

This involves the systematic process of tracing overdue receivables through automatic emails to customers demanding payment.   Having chosen NetSuite to manage business operations, the client approached Jobin & Jismi to implement the dunning process.  

What We Suggested

Our experts analyzed the requirement. With the cooperation of customers’ management, they performed a thorough comprehension of their business process 

NetSuite by default provides the dunning modules. Dunning itself comprises both customer level and invoice level. We implemented the customer level dunning for the client and automated the entire process.    

The customer-level dunning is the sending of a dunning email attaching every overdue invoice of the customer. The system attaches the non-overdue invoices to the dunning mail. This happens if they meet any of the dunning level criteria.   

It also includes the payment link in the dunning email and the customers can pay the amount with a single click.

Customer Success

Following an ideal business method and maintaining a worthy relationship with the customers will boost the business. Thanks to the intervention of Jobin & Jismi, the client is now enjoying numerous benefits.

With the dunning process the client can manage their customers well. This is because the system sends the invoices in a timely manner

This ensures that the system informs customers about the number of overdue invoices and the due amount.

With just a button click, the customer can pay the due amount.

The system allows the client to cross check the details. This is because one can find the attached PDF along with the emails. 

Automation of the whole process minimizes manual errors and maximizes accuracy.

One can save more time and resources for other major tasks.

The team of professionals of Jobin & Jismi helped the restoration of the client’s electronic business operations.

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